Diwali is one time in year when you wish to be with your family, friends and loved ones. Diwali 2010 has been special and memorable for me and my husband as it was our first festival after marriage, in Bangalore. But, the excitement of celebrating the occasion was not greater than missing our dear ones out there in Delhi. We both were missing our GharWaliDiwali.

Hence, we decided to host a Diwali party for friends at our home :) and this made the festival really special!

Being a creature from Venus, the shopping bug was biting me hard. The charm of first festival paved way for lavish shopping spree that started a month before. From clothes and accessories, to gadgets, watches, ornaments, footwear, I shopped like crazy! Not so happy with the sky rocketing bills, my hubby managed to appreciate my shopping prowess :D

Me and My Diwali Home Decor :) 
The D-day approached! We had decorated our rented apartment with all the decorative stuff - colourful floating diyas and candles, lights, door hangings, flowers, lanterns, etc. I remember we started our day with our gym session followed by splurging breakfast of aloo paranthas and meethi lassi. The afternoon saw us decorating our home entrance with beautiful rangoli. The wait couldn't get any longer and a while after the Laxmi-Ganesha idol-worshipping tradition, guests started pouring in!

We were highly pleased to entertain our friends, not only for the reason they valued our invitation but also that they brought gift packs of yummy Kurkure, luscious Britannia Cakes, Pepsi, the traditional sweets from Bikaner and the 100% natural Tropicana fruit juices.

We all wished each other and gorged upon the dinner. Special thanks to Nita Mehta, whose cookery books were a saviour for me that day. Each and every person couldn't just stop praising about the delicacies I prepared after referring to the e-books bought from Mind it, the recipes in the books will surely make you the “Cooking-Queen” or “Cooking-King”! :)

Immediately after the dinner, we all went to the terrace to light up more diyas and candles. We covered lighting up almost the entire terrace. Oh Gosh! It was a heavenly view! We couldn't stop admiring the sparkling sight and there was a contented smile on everybody’s face. Wow! What a Diwali!!!

Indeed, Diwali is a festival of lights, not smoke! It is a festival of peace and harmony, not pollution and health hazards! Come, let us celebrate a beautiful GharWaliDiwali. Burn your negativity and not crackers. Let us pledge for a clean, green, pollution-free India.

Happy Diwali to All...! :)

* Author of this post reserves rights for the content source being original work of art. Please do not copy without permission. ©Jyotika Rajput Mehra

* This blog post is purely a depiction of the author’s personal experience, feelings and perception. The purpose of this post is to inspire the readers to celebrate the festival of Diwali with great enjoyment without using any sort of crackers. It is a gentle reminder for all to connect with the core value of Diwali, that is "Being Together" with the loved ones.