Before My World Shatters Away…

A small composition on the occasion of Children's Day...

"Life has no recap, so live life King-Size... 
At Heart Just be like a Child!"
                                                             ~ Jyotika

Before my World shatters away, 
I want to seize all the smiles in my way, 
I want to capture the bright sunlight, 
I want to create cherished memoirs each day & night...

Before my World turns gloomy & dark,
I want to laugh out loud with all my heart,
I want to celebrate each moment passing by,
I do not want to think about what, how & why...

Before my World is no more,
I want to share happiness from my joys' store,
I want to keep my loved ones in my eyes,
I just want to forget all their lies...

Before my World scatters into pieces & bits,
I want to grow into a Phoenix,
I want to carry the courage to handle struggle & strife,
I just want to be like a child,
Innocent at heart, crazy and wild, 
Because that's the only way to cope up with pain,
I do not really bother what I fail to gain,
I do not want to know what people think,
Because I never know when my World bids adieu in an eye's blink!


* Author of this post reserves rights for the content source being original work of art. Please do not copy without permission. ©Jyotika Rajput Mehra

* This poetic work of art is purely based on the author’s feelings and perception.