The World Remade…

God created us - innocent, virtuous and pure,
He infused love in our heart for each problem’s cure,
He gave us family, friends and loved ones for our support,
Isn’t that sufficient to present him an ode?

Mother Nature made us courageous, wise and strong,
She granted the gift of humanity along,
Then why our belief in our creator shakes,
Where are we all running without taking a break?
Why are we all so engrossed in hypocrisy, deception, malice and greed?
Why are we ourselves withering our own world and planting the weeds?
Can our world be again remade?
~ Jyotika Rajput Mehra Poetic Quotes

Mother Earth | Image Source 
Tic Toc Tic Toc… the needles of the clock beckon life to move on… dawn waits for dusk, dusk awaits the dawn… and the life just moves on… Here, in the era of technology, my heart skips a beat to meet the fast paced time. 

Welcome to the world of 21st century where money holds more value than relationships… where ego super cedes love… where smiles are plastic and emotions are fake… where things are being loved and people are being used…!

Fellas, today’s post is about being the creator and originating such a utopian world where every single problem would find a definite solution. But my remark upon this is – isn't it being already done by God, our creator? Didn't the Mother Nature present a beautiful world in its sheer pristine form?

It is not about the creator who creates an “oh so perfect” world… it is all about the habitants who make it a liveable place! Almighty has already done his job of creating a wonderful world. Now, it is we, his people who have to preserve this place by obeying to the Mother Nature!

It is said our world begins from our own home, certainly… we adore, love and find peace in our home. But, what if our home is on the verge of extinction? What if it could just be blown away or shattered the very next moment? What would we do to save it? The answer indeed is - whatever it takes…! 

Gosh! Just a mere thought crunches our nerves… Ironically, it is not a thought but a rancorous reality! Our home, our planet Earth, will extinct too soon, lest the human race does not begin to care and love it the same way it has loved us since origin!

Time has come that we become seriously considerate about saving our world, our habitat, our home sweet home, our Earth! No matter, whatever it takes, we have to protect it… we have to shun all the malevolent acts which are harming our Mother Nature and consequently resulting in disastrous tsunamis, famines, floods, earth quakes, etc.

We cannot just surpass the presents bestowed upon us – the rivers, oceans, forests, mountains, deserts – they all are calling us to be their saviours! River beds are getting dry, mountainous zones are getting frequent land slides, seasons  are getting extremely unpredictable! Let us altogether face this giant monster – Global Warming! This is the absolute need of the hour and and this is what will create a new world. It is simply not about one person, it is about each one of us - we all have to collaborate to save our world... to save the human race... to be the new creators... only then can be our "World Remade"!

Here are few endeavours we must do to show kindness towards our Earth as well as human race:
  • Save Water, it is too precious to be wasted!
  • Harvest rain water and use solar energy.
  • Save the endangered species.
  • Implement cleanliness, do not throw garbage out of bins.
  • Use public transport to lessen the air pollution.
  • Substitute CNG with petrol and diesel.
  • Use insecticides and pesticides sparingly to enhance the soil futility.
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* Author of this post reserves rights for the written content source being original work of art. Please do not copy without permission. ©Jyotika Rajput Mehra

* This post is purely based on the author’s feelings and perception, the purpose of which is to encourage the readers to take measures to save our Mother Earth. It is a gentle reminder for all to spread the message "Earth is our Home Sweet Home. It is our utmost responsibility to take care of our planet in order to protect our own lives."