Asus Releases Powerhouse of Performance "Zenfone2" @indiBlogger Meet

Come experience the tomorrow…
Come, see what others can’t see…
Come meet the performance monster by Asus…
Using the new Zenfone2 is just a breeze…
~Jyotika Rajput Mehra Poetic Composition

23 April, 11:30 am | Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon

The bright hot sunny day saw a good gathering at the beautiful venue. I was absolutely thrilled to be present at another exciting indiBlogger meet, showcasing the launch of the Asus Zenfone2 smartphone.
Its Me at the Entrance...
The famous Indian VJ, actress and singer, Anusha Dandekar welcomed us. The start couldn’t have been better than the sensuous musical performance by Aditi Singh Sharma (Bollywood fame).

Here are my archives for the event as it proceeded...

Incredible Comes to India…

By Jerry Shen (CEO, Asus)

Asus - Balance of Beauty and Strength… 
Marvel of Craftsmanship and Engineering
In Search of Incredible...

Asus is passionate about technology and driven by innovation. We dream, we dare and we strive to create an effortless and joyful digital life for everyone. We’re always in search of incredible ideas and experiences - And we aspire to deliver the incredible in everything we do.”

He told how “design thinking” has paved way for “lean thinking” and hence Asus Zenfone2 is a creation of “engineer thinking”.

Experience 2morrow…

By Derek Yu (Product Marketing Director, Asus)

Beauty of Zen…
Image Courtesy:
  • Combination of persistence and perfection
  • Incredibly thin edges – 3.9 mm thin
  • Ergonomic design – secure comfortable grip with intuitive volume control
  • Impeccable precision – 0.13mm concentric circle texture with steel brushed-metal finish
  • Maximum viewing experience – class leading 72% screen to body ratio
  • Red Dot Award Winner 2014
  • iF Design Award Winner 2015
Celebrate your uniqueness – Fusion series, Illusion series...

(Zenfone2 Video Courtesy:

Unprecedented Performance…
  • CPU - 64-bit Intel Atom 2.3GHz
  • GPU - 6430 PowerVR 533MHz
  • Memory - 64-bit Dual Channel 4GB
  • OS - Android L
  • Responsiveness – 60ms
  • Display – 5.5” FHD

Unprecedented Connectivity…
  • LTE – LTE A w CA 250Mbps
  • WiFi – 802.11ac 433Mbps
  • Navigation – 5 Satellite Systems
  • Antenna – 5 3D Laser Antenna
  • Sim Card – Dual SIM Dual Active (DSDA )

World’s most powerful CPU...
  • OS designed for 64 bit Intel CPU’s with latest Intel Atom Z3580  
  • Class leading powerVR 6430 graphics gives you ultra-fast graphics performance

The Moore’s Law and the Powerhouse of Performance…

By Debjani Ghosh (VP Sales & Marketing Group, and MD, Intel South East Asia)

(I almost captured all her words...)

“The Moore's law enables the IT industry to really benefit from the power of exponential growth and IT industry is one of the very few industries that has been able to use this exponential growth to drive proliferation of technology across pretty much aspect of life, and that’s the reason we see a rapid adoption of technology no matter which country we are in or which part of world we are in! Partners like Asus have pushed the boundaries of innovation and come up with a game changing product like the Zenfone2."

She thanked Jerry and team who made Intel to partner with Asus in this journey. She declared that Zenfone2 is just powerhouse of performance!

She spoke about Gordon Moore's saying - “Whatever can be done, can be outdone!” Asus has shown that again and again! Zenfone2 has won around 238 awards and she believes Zenfone2 will outdo its predecessor’s performance. 

"This also symbolizes the spirit of the partnership that Asus and Intel has. They just bring out the best in each other so that they think beyond what is the obvious, and are able to innovate and create game changing products. It’s been 25 years of partnership between Intel and Asus." She again thanked Jerry and team for the wonderful partnership and leadership.

Awestrucking Features of Zenfone2… 

Derek Yu continued... 

#1 Word’s First Smartphone with 4GB of RAM for Incredibly Smooth Multitasking
Enjoy the Ample 4 GB Memory Space
  • Provision of ample 4 GB of memory space
  • Experience an all new seamless way of multitasking
  • No juggling between switching over to close one app just to open another app
  • No worries about keeping the system going on
  • No hassles of system getting hanged due to being slow
  • 26 apps can run altogether in the background, for instance, Dialler, Camera, Gallery, Email, Chrome, Facebook…
#2 Fast and Responsive
  • 60 ms touch response time
  • Quick web page loading (average loading time of a new web page of the top 75 websites in the US took mere 3.2 sec)
#3 Work Seamlessly with Blazingly Fast Cat4 + LTE
  • Support Band 3 (FDD) / 40 (TDD)
  • LTE – A supporting Carrier Aggregation
  • High speed upto 250 Mbps
  • Over 31 countries support CA
#4 Dual SIM Dual Active
  • Receive an incoming call from SIM 2 while you are active on another call using SIM 1, without the hassle of standby.
# 5 Satellite Navigation Systems for Fast & Precise Positioning
  • GPS - Global Positioning system
  • GLONASS - GLObal NAvigation Satellite System
  • BDS - BeiDou Navigation Satellite System
  • QZSS - Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS)
  • SBAS - Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems

Meet the Performance Monster...

By Eric Hermanson (Head of Mobile Marketing )

Sharp Vision with Premium Camera - PixelMaster 2.0 Technology 
The PixelMaster 2.0 Technology
Rear Camera – Backlight (Super HDR), Low light mode, Super resolution
Image Courtesy:
Backlight photography (Super HDR) - much more dynamic range of true colors
  • Auto mode – reasonably good picture quality
  • Low light mode (pixel merging technology 2.0) - 4x brighter and visibly better picture quality than the existing smartphones in market
  • Zenflash (Xenon Flash – GN4.8) – Feel the true DSLR flash experience, Get real true to life images, 100x brighter than LED
  • Ultra wide 140 degree selfie panorama
            * Zenflash - To enable you capture a large number of people, your family and friends
            * Lolliflash -  Specially designed for people who love to click photos in selfie mode

Experience the New Lolliflash
  • 13 MP
             * Toshiba CCD
             * 5 P High transparency Lens
             * f/2.0 wide aperture
             * blue glass IR Cut Filter
             * Dual Color LED Flash

Front Camera - Low light mode, beautification, selfie panorama
  • 5 MP
  • f/2.0 wide-aperture
  • 85 degree wide angle

See What Others Can’t See Photo Series...

By Robert Jahns (Instagram Sensation and Zenfone2 Ambassador)

Eric Hermanson and Robert Jahns
It was absolutely fantastic to meet Robert!

By day, Robert Jahns is a digital artist and art director based in Germany. By night, he’s known as nois7 on Instagram and runs a popular account boasting more than 600,000 followers. (Courtesy: Check out Robert’s Instagram Portfolio.

Robert is happy to use the new Zenfone2. It enhances his creativity for clicking pictures.
A Quick Moment Captured with Robert - Rahul & Me
Then we had Bollywood’s most popular photographer Dabboo Ratnani ...

His reviews about Zenfone2…
  • Very fast and really responsive
  • While using Zenfone2 camera he felt like using a professional camera
  • Amazed by the way pictures appear on the phone 
  • No distortion while transferring pictures to computer
The two leading photographers were just amazed by the images taken from the new Zenfone2. They said that the pictures were so crystal sharp and as professional as if they’ve had used a professional camera!

Eric continued with the Spectacular Zenfone2 Features...

  • ZenUI – Brand New Interface Design
  • Personalization - Customization is the key. User is curious to do it as per their own choice.
  • Boost Master – Fast Charging Technology
  • 60% battery charge in only 39 min
  • Capacity – 3000 mAh
  • 10 min of charging gives upto 4 hrs of talktime
  • Accessories
            * 9V/2A 18W Adaptor – Industry leading
            * ZenPower – Lightweight and powerful
            * 10,050 mAh high-capacity fast-charge power bank

The Breathtaking Moment - Saif Ali Khan's Entry…

Saif Ali Khan with Asus

Saif praises about Zenfone2...

Anusha with Saif
  • Amazing phone
  • Great in terms of prize
  • Fantastic camera- low light mode
  • Tremendous UI
  • Very fast in performance
  • Super fast and clear
  • Great hardware

Jerry Shen Reveals the Zenfone2 Specs...

The four variants...
  • ZE550ML (5.5” FHD)
          1.8 GHz Z3560 / 2 GB RAM / 16 GB MLC ROM - 12,999/- INR
  • ZE551ML (5.5” FHD)
          1.8 GHz Z3560 / 2 GB RAM / 16 GB MLC ROM - 14,999/- INR
  • ZE551ML (5.5” FHD)
          2.3 GHz Z3580 / 4 GB RAM / 32 GB MLC ROM - 19,999/- INR
  • ZE551ML (5.5” FHD)
          2.3 GHz Z3580 / 4 GB RAM / 64 GB MLC ROM - 22,999/- INR

Asus Accessories (Image Courtesy)
  • View Flip Cover Deluxe - 1599/- INR
  • ZenEar - 599/- INR
  • ZenPower - 1499/- INR
  • Lolliflash - 799/- INR
  • Zenflash - 1599/- INR
You can now connect to your fans, friends and family using ZenTalk.

Time for the Papparazzi...

Saif Ali Khan with Jerry Shen and the Associated Team
Post Lunch Sessions …

A quick basic session by Anoop made everyone revive and ready for the next rounds of presentations…
Anoop - indiBlogger Organizing Team
Then there was a short question-answer round with Robert Jahns…

The Essence of Simplicity...

By Peter Clark (Asus Design Center)

Peter Clark Speaks About the Zenfone2 Design and the Fusion/Illusion Series
  • It took almost 3 months to bring in the present day appeal of the phone
  • Amazing amalgamation of engineering and art
  • Unique, intuitive and unusual design

Whole New Design – Freedom, Connection, Expression...

By Jia Ying Liu (Senior Product Manager)

  • Around 18, 000, 000 ZenUI powered devices sold
ZenUI Highlights…
  • Personalize – Launcher, themes, Font, Cover View
  • Photo & Video – PixelMaster Camera, PhotoCollage *PhotoEffects, MiniMovie, ZenCircle (Beta)
  • Privacy – SnapView, Private Contacts and messaging,
  • Web Safety – Kids mode, browser - active to protect from malicious and phishing websites
  • ZenMotion – Tap Tap, Touch gesture, Motion gesture,
  • Service – 24/7 Help – Asus Support, Play Store, Asus, ZenTalk,
Asus ZenUI Listens to Your Feedback
As the sessions got over we headed towards the open area for the evening snacks and brews… and indulged into clicking some pix with buddies…
With Rahul and Akshay
It was indeed another fun-filled meet… Everyone got goodies like T-shirts from Zenfone2 and indiBlogger, Selfie stick and a mug. I just enjoyed watching the industry icons and celebs… just loved being there! Thank you indiBlogger!

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