Motivate Your Energy with Malcolm Larri

Here is the second post of my special blog series “Inspire Your Soul” and I am extremely glad to share the marvellous lessons learnt by “Malcolm Larri”, Founder of

The live talk show was organised by in the last quarter of 2017 with the agenda: “Steps to achieve your goals”.

 [PS: Malcolm Larri is Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Certified Workplace Trainer, Speaker & Coach. He also has been a professional musician, business owner and has worked inside companies both large and small on three continents.]

With Malcolm Larri :)
The event began with a zest of energy. As Malcolm started introducing himself, the atmosphere grasped his vibrant vibrations of positive energy! The first thing that caught our attention was his Drum kit – this surged our curiosity levels even more! :)

Malcolm had some interesting charts to display (no, not on Power-Point but hand-made drawings that looked absolutely appealing).

He started presenting the steps with a beautiful analogy of ‘playing the drums’!

Step 1: Data

It was a visual treat to watch Malcolm play the Drums.Our ears danced to the tunes of the energetic beats...
Right Left Right Right...
Left Right Left Left...
Right Left Right Right...
Left Right Left Left...

As Malcolm’s hands weaved this musical pattern, he made us do the same by tapping our hands and feet...Oh it was fun! :)In this way, Malcolm created a basic rhythm and a memorable pattern.

Key Lesson 1: Use the available data, add a simple consistent pattern to it and your beginning platform is ready.

Here, the “drum kit” refers to the data.

Step 2: Information

The rhythmic pulse of the drum beats was graced by momentum. The moment Malcolm introduced the detailsof high notes to leverage the velocity, the monotonous tone got a catchy flavour. This shaped up the structure of the drum beats. The new beats seemed to resonate the perfect pitch.

Key Lesson 2: It is essential to transform your data into information that is interesting and useful to your audience.

Here, the “momentum” refers to the “Information”.

Step 3: Knowledge

The fast-paced drum beats got accessorised by an entirely new pitch. Malcolm extended his right hand to hit the disc (part of the drum kit)with his drum stick once in between the on-going rhythm of the drums. He kept playing this for few minutes. This fusion of diverse sounds made us all hooked to the new beats.

“Knowledge is Power”. So cliched but so true!

Key Lesson 3: You can add ‘n’ number of desirable elements to your process of workflow but what truly makes your work strikingly amazing is your ability to stay focussed on the basic rhythm with which you started. Interestingly, repeating the pattern with new elements becomes your Knowledge base. And… “Knowledge” is the base of “Creativity”.

Here, “hitting a new element, i.e. Disc” refers to building the “Knowledge”.

Step 4: Wisdom

At this step,what we experienced was a pure acoustic delight… With new beats and fresh notes, Malcolm’s creative energies had transcended to the zenith of musical retreat. After the demonstration, Malcolm said, “Wisdom is an artist's creativity”.

Key Lesson 4: Data, information and knowledge altogether may be useful but they will always lack the element of “Charm” and “Elegance” without “Imagination”and “Innovation”. The key to sprout up “Wisdom” in work is to incorporate new ideas, experiment new stuff, and create a unique blend of your work. This is how you unlock your creativity!

Here, “adding the fresh notes to the drum-kit and creating new music” refers to “Wisdom”.

After these 4 steps and key lessons, Malcolm further shared gems of intellect…

I. Dedicate 100 hours of what is possible in the following pattern


Bring into focus and identify what is really essential in this phase of your life- what is it that if you do not do will bring in regret later!

Remember this rule - just focus on 1 goal at a time!

Be tight focused; you must not consider more than 2 goals at a time, simply because it is not feasible! Make a tight list of things that seems good enough to be achieved in a week’s time.

Do not rush, achieve goals with mastery! At times, people meet failure just because they over-estimate their goals by being over-confident!


Don't let your goal wander more than 1year!
Create an urgency for pursuing the goal upon which you had set focus. It is good to break down your goal into small steps. Make an urgent plan to follow these steps.

Set a time each day when you will strictly do your act on priority basis!


Make “Accountability” buddies – the ones who share your purpose.
It is good to have someone around who holds you accountable and keeps a check on your accomplishments. Similarly, you can support them too! :)

For instance, if and your friend are learning Swedish, have a quick interaction to keep a check that your buddy achieved their daily goals as planned.

When we become accountable to each other, achieving goals become much easier!

II. Plan your first difficult moment with the following rules


“Energy” is everything in the world!

Our mental and physical energies are the source of all our manifestations in life! A weak mind and a corrupted body can never be capacitive for positive energies and motivation!

Therefore, it is essential to feed the mind with pleasant and progressive thoughts; feed the body with healthy food, good sleep. The art of living a beautiful life is creating a healthy routine each single day.

When your mind and body dance with exuberant energies, the marvel called “Motivation” is born!


A dose of motivation is what boosts you up to perform an “Action”. When your action is derived not out of compulsive pressure but purely out of motivation, it is natural to fall in love with your work. Whatever you do with a motivated attitude gives you pleasure. This joyful attitude makes you act more and devise more meaningful ways of achieving yourgoals.

Magic begins to appear when “Action” gets in “active” mode.


A continuous series of actions forms deep understanding of the subject and firms your belief in your work. The more you act, the more you become adept in honing your skills! With brilliance of skills, comes the mighty power of trusting your capabilities, and that’s how the wonder called “Confidence” is born!


Confidence is one wonder-drug to cure most issues in life! When you keep moving forward towards your goals with confidence, all the difficult paths get smoothened out. The moment “Confidence” enters your psychology, you get access to the key to all doors ofabundance.It is this abundance that brings innumber of opportunities, and that’s what you’ve been waiting for! :)

III. Identify the Force of Multiplier

Identify one change that will elevate other changes in your life. For instance, to initiate setting up business in Sweden or take it to another level, it is highly favourable to learn Swedish!

Therefore, “Learning Swedish” acts as the force of multiplier, as it has the potential to bring the change desired by you.

The power-boosting lessons got filled up with some more wise bites in the Q-A session between Moritz and Malcolm:

Q1. You connected everything so efficiently. How would you put together all the components of doing all important things in a day?

A.It’s simple, just pick 1or 2goals to be completed for ‘Today’. Remember, Life is short… time is passing by…Use “TIME” very wisely! Be totally dedicated towards what you choose to do!

Q2. What do you mean by ‘Mindful Focus’?

A. Mindful Focus is an activity that stimulates ‘Reticular Activating System’ (a system at the back of our brain which is responsible for our overall consciousness). When you practice mindful focus, you generate the ‘Power of Attention’. And that’s what everyone is looking for!

A person who has learnt how to access power of paying attention can handle any negative emotion such as ‘doubt’, ‘fear’, ‘anxiety’, etc. With regular practice, the person can gains mastery in managing his/her own emotions. The realisation comes from within to achieve a balanced state of mind!

When you are balanced, you experience peace, with that peace, comes eternal joy… Remember, “Balance is the Mantra”!

Q3. How do you know when it is time to stop focussing on one goal, and start with something else?

A. You get signals from Universe and people. Also, it is important to listen to your feelings. Your feelings will tell you - to stop or continue!

‘Goals’ are just ‘Goals’! There is nothing like ‘realistic’ or ‘unrealistic’ goals! There is nothing that is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’! It is all about investing the right amount of time with right amount of energy. Willingness and patience can take you a long way! And above all, the most important thing is to TRY, TRY and TRY, and ‘JUST Do It’!

Feedback is a great way to know whether your work is really making rounds of ripples! If not, alter your way of working. Be open to everything that makes your tasksworkable.

Q4. How to handle fear?

A. Always ask your mind: “What can be the worst-case scenario if I do this?” Just stick to your values with patience and faith. Remember, when you goals are value oriented, you surely taste success!

Q5. What's your take on "sub-conscious sabotage"?

A. Don't buy in any story that your inner critic is trying to sell you!Listen to your inner dialogue- observe it as a story. Don't engage in the conversation, separate yourself from the words for a while, and just observe everything as a spectator!

This is how you can analyse the truth and get a bigger picture of your scenario. This is how you can escape from self-sabotaging!

In NLP therapy, there's a study of how language impacts your personality and emotions. It’s amazing to observe that words play a highly significant role in training your brain. So always speak good for yourself and that for others. It is necessary to crack down the unpleasant thoughts and enter the zone of trust.

Q6. What is the difference between ‘Inspiration’ and ‘Motivation’?

A. Inspiration happens in a moment, that is, in this moment, right now, in the present moment, you suddenly get inspired to do a thing! That is the moment of creativity, that one moment, when you lose track of time or place, you are just hit by the ‘inspiration’ bug and you actually are ready to take action right there in that moment. 

It is that moment when your passion is ignited at its peak! Inspiration happens instantly. It is more related to creativity, For instance, you wish to write poetry in the middle of the night! 

Inspiration can surge up in a moment, but may drop down soon in further moments!

So, in that moment, when you are on, if you get going, then voila, you did it! 
But if you didn't , then you miss its magic!

Motivation on the other hand, is a constant affair!

When you are motivated, you ideally introspect everything, plan things out and get going! In Motivation, the momentum hits you before but you take action later. It gives you an urge to achieve your goals.

(PS: This question was asked by me! :) And I was truly happy and enlightened with Malcolm's response!)

So, when you truly need to motivate you energies, book your personal sessions with Malcolm, he is just a phone call away! :)


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