This is What I Want to Whisper Tonight!

This composition is dearly special to me and I believe it is my life-changing mascot. I won 3rd prize for the heartfelt poem at my university GGSIP's annual fest held in February 2007. 

I actually penned down this one seeking true love and God answered my prayers! My hubby darling (that time good buddy) was part of the audience and watching me express myself clicked a tinkle in his heart. But it took him 1 year in expressing his love for me. Anyways, it is rightly said that Life unfold at its own pace!

So here's "What I want to whisper tonight..." :)

Something has been stirring somewhere deep inside,
In the pit of my stomach burns what I cannot hide,
I am caught up in the dilemma between my heart & mind,
The secrets are so noisy, I beg them to be quiet,
As they slide off my tongue into your ears,
There’s something I want to whisper tonight…
I am ...
a little less than what you might have hoped,
Still I am able to cope with what I've been given,
Somehow I’ve risen from the ashes, learning how to fly, all striven,
To see my day’s light, to explore the world,
This is what I want to whisper tonight…

Something has been killing me piece by piece,
Shredding my faith in all that once gave me release,
A painful past that would bring anyone to knees,
I want to share all of this with you, please…
I am ...
a little harder to handle than most,
Often like a ghost I like to hide from the crowd,
But sometimes I'm loud when I feel alive,
Gradually I am learning from the life to strive,
This is what I want to whisper tonight…

Something has been searching for its sight,
Feeling its way through my skin, suffering the plight,
It reduces me to tears, I am left with fright,
The way I feel, it might be juvenile, it might be right…
That I am ...
a little empty yet so full of love,
I try to raise above all the mess I've been through,
All I need is some one to hold me tight,
Some one who gifts me smiles and makes my world bright,
Some one who is sensitive & sensible,
Some one who understands me & never fights,
Some one who brings to me all the delight,
I want to see a fresh day,
I want to feel a rosy night,
I try a lot but I cannot hide,
“I just want to be the sparkle of some one’s eyes”,
This is what I want to whisper tonight!!


* Author of this post reserves rights for the content source being original work of art. Please do not copy without permission. ©Jyotika Rajput Mehra

* This poetic work of art is purely based on the author’s feelings and perception.