Endless Smiles... Endless Cries... Be the Phoenix... Never Say Die...!

This is one of my most favourite compositions. Each time I sip it up, I feel absolutely strengthened. :)

Endless smiles
Endless cries
Endless grieves
Endless lies
Desires are countless
Hopes are high
So much to accomplish
in just one life…
Be the Phoenix,
Never say Die!

Life is full of challenges for everybody. The one who tastes the nectar of success, has seen the bitter times too. You might have endless grieves and agonies, but you also have the power to overcome them. Always count upon your dreams, desires and hopes; for these are the elements that transform your ordinary instincts into extra ordinary ones. Yes! You have the power to be the Phoenix.

Efforts are endless
to reach endless skies
Test your patience
Liberate from being exiled
Never give up
says the sigh
So much to accomplish
in just one life…
Be the Phoenix,
Never say Die!

The best efforts when made make you reach your goals. No matter, slow and steady, but you attain what you aim for.
"Be as hard as a stone, 
for the stone one day will transform 
into a sparkling diamond."
~ Jyotika Rajput Mehra Quotes

Bring in the perseverance that will liberate you from all the miseries. There has to be something enthralling that makes you never give up. Therefore, to retain your enthusiasm, you need to have a motivator, and that motivator is within you! 

The best mantra for being self- motivated is to compete with only “Yourself”!


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