I am the Hero of My Life...

I am the hero of my life...
With hope in my heart and dreams in my eyes...
I transform sorrows into joys, as I stride...
I know some day I will reach the limitless skies!
©Jyotika Rajput Mehra Quotes

“JRM” as a Person – “Spiritual”, Not Religious…
World knows me by the name of Jyotika Rajput Mehra. Formally, people call me “Jyotika”, however, my loved ones call me “Joy”, “Jyo”, “Jyots”, JRM” :)

Born on 1st of November, I share my birthday with the ex-miss world Aishwarya Rai. A technical writer by profession, I am a happy-go-lucky kind of person who keeps the doors of my heart and mind closed for pessimism.
It's Me - Jyotika Rajput Mehra circa 2013 :)
My Belief…

I believe that the innocence, the freedom, the joy of being a child is a blessing! The mantra to stay happy is to always keep alive the child inside you! So, be humorous, laugh wildly, dance, sing, but along with all this, stay responsible! :) 

Now all this is not easy I know... What makes it a cake walk is "Daily Dose of Meditation". I feel blessed to be a steady practitioner since 2000. Meditation makes me mindful of each moment and gifts me such an ecstatic feeling like no other in this entire universe - The feeling of being alive. :)

Leisure Pursuits…

I simply keep no halt at fun in my life and that is one reason for being passionate about Dance. I can go on grooving nonstop for hours and hours.
Me at Shiamak Davar Dance Centre
Listening to the mesmerising soulful music and Ghazals, long back paved way for my fascination towards Poetry. It impacted me deeply and I started off with Composing Poems.

The fondness for Ping-Pong made me an ardent follower of the game and I reached the Zonal-Level in the Higher Secondary. Still an active player, I never miss a chance to play!

My inquisitiveness for Photography is inherent and is growing with each passing day. However, my love for Sketching is still a little dormant.

My Sketch Work...
Lord Ganesha
Lord Krishna
Being a complete foodie by nature, I love to indulge upon variety of gourmet. Be it any type of cuisine, I enjoy each bite. While Cooking, my experiments are always on! That apart, well I am health-conscious too!

Dishes at Home...

Idli with Coconut Chutney
Soybeans Sweet Corns and French Beans Salad
Fruity Veggie Pasta 
Vegetable Biryani 

My Story…

To begin with, I would like to introduce myself as a loving wife, an obedient daughter in law, a caring sister and an affectionate daughter! But earlier, I was never so obedient and responsible. This is purely a consequence of a phenomenon called “Marriage”.

At present, I quote myself as “happily-married”. My marriage has not been less than a fiction. I always dreamt of having a love marriage. Finally my dream came true on 15th May, 2010 in Delhi.

Since then, eventually, with the pace of time, my thoughts have matured and I have understood the real meaning of responsibility. It is very aptly said that you don’t become responsible when someone gives you responsibility; you become responsible only when you start receiving it! This has proven to be true in my life.

Being a married professional is not at all, an easy task. There lies a huge bundle of responsibilities! By God’s grace, you get some tangible gifts like- your spouse, your in-laws, in-laws’ relatives, etc! You really need to take good care of these gifts, else they tend to rotten! Haha… :)

The best gift that I received was my two-year stay in Bangalore with my husband. The memories are so special not because we got treasures of freedom; but because we became “responsible”. :)

When you know there is nobody to cook for you, nobody to clean, nobody to look after your home, then anyhow you start doing every single thing on your own. You become the decision maker, & that is when you start taking responsibilities. After all, “Responsibility comes along with Authority”!

Sounds cliché… but that is the fact of life! Life’s experiences have gradually made me learn the art of striking a balance between the personal and the professional life.

In the quest to find joys in little things of life, I firmly stand by the belief that if we all stop blaming “others” (people, things or situations), our lives can improvise tremendously and can truly be beautiful!


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