Some People Wait a Lifetime... Especially for the Love of My Life!

I wrote this composition especially for my love in our Dating Days - October 2008 :)

If I tell you it was all meant to be,
Would you believe me?
Would you agree?
If I tell you love has come here and now,
Don’t ask me questions, when & how…

For a moment like this, 
Some people wait a lifetime;
For a moment like this,
Some people search forever;
For one such special kiss…
Oh I couldn't believe, it happened to me;
Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this!

I saw into your eyes a sweet revelation,
In Your touch, there was a sense of salvation,
In your arms, I felt the warmth of the morning sun,
Those moments I can never forget sweetheart, it was fun!

Anything might change, but true feelings remain;
Something so divine, I can't explain;
Well I may be dreaming but its not fake;
Please make this dream last till the end;
I want to spend my life with you dear friend!

You, walking always by my side,
From the summer heat till the winter mist;
And I'll cherish all the love we share!
Some people wait a lifetime for a love like this!

Could ours be the purest love of all;
Will you catch me whenever I fall;
This special relation has brought joy to my heart,
Life is wonderful, because you are its part!

You've set my soul so free,
You've given me the kind of love I need…
Some people wait a lifetime for someone ‘special’ like this…
For me, it’d be my sheer luck…
Having “you” honey would be a bliss...
Some people wait a lifetime for a 'bliss' like this…!


* Author of this post reserves rights for the content source being original work of art. Please do not copy without permission. ©Jyotika Rajput Mehra

* This poetic work of art is purely based on the author’s feelings and perception.