The Power of Touch...The Power of Love...

"Let there be rejoice,
Let the love rekindle,
A midst the inadequate time,
Let the charm never dwindle,
It feels blissful to receive a gift of hug,
Words of appreciation from loved ones and their gentle touch,
Revives a sense of being special, arouses the feeling of smug,
It heals, it cures, it is therapeutic…
Such is the “power of touch”
Indeed, life is beautiful with the "power of love"!"

~ Jyotika Rajput Mehra Poetic Quotes

I absolutely agree and encourage the fact that to sustain a spark in a relationship, the couples must indulge in the passionate games of “Caress-Embrace-Touch”. Unfortunately, Time is the thief that robs off the golden moments; nevertheless, you should seek the “joy of touch” in no matter how fewer moments spent together! No matter, how busy you are, to make your “Someone” feel special, remember to offer the gift of:

“an affectionate touch”
“a kiss”
“holding hands”, and
“saying I love you”

Do Everything That Love Makes You Do... 
Believe Me, It's Beautiful... :)

I am glad to share two instances that strengthened my faith in the “power of touch” and the "power of love"…

The Power of Touch is Magical
A long term illness made me guest at hospital for 1 month. It was traumatic! Caught a midst the four walls of the ICU, I was under close observation for 3 days – the gloomy days when nobody was allowed to meet me, not even my family. In a semi-conscious state, I was badly missing my mother. Doctors assured that my condition would improve in these 3 days. Strangely, it worsened, in spite of the intensive care and medication! The worried doctors failed to understand the reason for my condition.

The dawn of the 4th day brought in the element of surprise. My family was called to see me. My mother came nearby, with a gentle touch; she held my hand in hers and whispered my name. The moment was mystical when she swayed her hand over my forehead. After the usual check-up, the doctors were amazed. They noticed a quick improvement in my condition. I too realised the Midas effect. Such miraculous was the healing touch of my mother.

Another emotional incident is about the dying Bougainvillea, planted at my grandma’s place. Her love for plants made her buy this new kind. In around 6 weeks, the little plant grew into a beautiful full bloomed creeper. Charmed by the creeper’s lovely violet flowers and their sweet fragrance, I started frequently visiting grandma’s place, which was located at a distance of few meters only.

This is How My Zuri Blossomed in Full Bloom :)
 I had gradually developed a habit of conversing with the creeper. I also named it–“Zuri”. Each time I had something in mind; I would go and share it all with my Zuri. Soon, I started personifying it as my friend – a sweet bond of love had established.

The exam time arrived and I could not visit grandma’s place. It was a month later that I saw Zuri. It was sad to observe that Zuri’s flowers had turned pale white, and its branches seemed badly damaged by the Aphids.
The Withered Phase in Zuri's Life :(
In a week’s observation, the leaves were all gone and the flowers dried too. Zuri almost withered! “May be my grandma could not take good care of it”, I wondered! I asked her to contact a horticulturist but she denied. Don’t know the reason but I did not question her again. I decided that I would treat my Zuri!

I spent all my pocket money in buying the required weed resistors and pesticides. I had set a dedicated routine to cure Zuri. From lovely melodious songs, crazy jokes and funny instances, which I already used to share; I started a new gesture of waving my hand all over Zuri’s fragile branches, to make her feel being loved. With the affectionate touch, I used to speak out, “I love you Zuri. Get well soon for me!” 

This perpetual attempt yielded consequences in 3 weeks. My Zuri gained back her lush green look! With tears in my eyes, I thanked God! I had a hope in my heart – I had a faith in the “power of touch” and the “power of love”!

Such intense is the sense of “touch”, the elixir of life… the magical effect that makes one resuscitate! 


* Author of this post reserves rights for the written content source being original work of art. Please do not copy without permission. ©Jyotika Rajput Mehra

* This post is purely based on the author’s feelings and perception, the purpose of which is to encourage the readers to always move on with faith and courage in difficult times. It is a gentle reminder for all to believe in the power of touch and the magic of love, as these can empower you to bring back the lost charm.