My Story of “And”…Where I Transcended My Own Horizons!

She is the culmination of Courage & Compassion…
She is the pillar of Power & Purity…
She is the blend of Beauty & Brains…
She signifies Strength & Simplicity…
She exemplifies the Goddess who is the creator of this World!
She is the "Woman of Substance"… and the World glorifies her Grace & Guts…!
 ~ Jyotika Rajput Mehra Poetic Quotes

History is evident that one label cannot encapsulate woman’s potential. Indeed, be it me or any woman on this planet, our true potential transcends the horizons of limitations to achieve the impossible. My heart is overwhelmed with the sense of gratitude towards the Almighty who created me as a Woman! Yes, I am the “Woman of Today” – Independent, Confident and Courageous! I am Jyotika Rajput Mehra...

Let’s hear that sound of rewind… 

My story of “and” began when I tied knot with my soul mate foraying into the world of more responsibilities and labels. In no time, two new dimensions – “Wife” and “Daughter-in-law” found a place on my slate of labels. Well, I was all-prepared to face the challenges that could arise due to the culture clash between the Punjabis (my in-laws) and the Non-Punjabis (my parents). But the thought of staying in a joint family literally gave me goose bumps! 

Pretty soon I was able to carve out the difference between the distinct life style, language, traditions, basic routine, home chores, etc. Gradually I made myself adapt in the new environs with the new people, realising that the most essential part was to learn the Punjabi-style cooking!

My mom-like mom-in-law (whom I lovingly call “moma”) taught me how to cook almost all the desired dishes belonging to the Punjabi cuisine… and like an obedient student, I learnt all the teeny-weeny ways of preparing the rich-cultured gourmet. 

It was during this time phase that I observed myself transforming from a girl into a woman – fulfilling the desires of others before mine. I felt a sense of maturity infusing into my blood to handle more responsibilities and a sense of happiness in doing the same. Yes, I transcended my own horizons... Thanks to my “happy-go-lucky and curious-to-know” outlook! 

I enjoy each day learning something new – be it personally or professionally! Being an affectionate daughter, a concerned sister, a loving wife, an obedient daughter-in-law, a lovable friend; I am also a home-maker, a working professional, an ambitious writer, an ardent poetess, a fanatic dancer, an active Ping-Pong player, an inquisitive cook, a budding blogger, and I am working in endeavour to add more feathers to my hat. Feels blessed to possess such a multitude of labels...
Its Me - Jyotika Rajput Mehra circa 2014
Companionship of my loved ones fills my heart with a sense of gratitude and happiness that impacts my potential to grow. My actual strength lies in the faith of my family and friends in me.

I highly value these people for being my support system. It is only their love and care that has truly made me “who I am”… always encouraging me to realise my ambitions and adding the “and” to my labels... making me believe – “Yes, I can…!”

Now, It's time for you to use your AND and take a STAND, today!

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* This post is purely based on the author’s feelings and perception, the purpose of which is to inspire the readers to take their stand and make their own identity. It is a gentle reminder for all to listen to their heart, follow their actions and take charge of their lives today.