KOSÉ Releases its Spawake Skincare Range at IndiBlogger Meet

Radiant and a glowing face is what the urban women need…
KOSÉ ensures to infuse such beauty which is sensuously sea deep…
With exclusive extracts of Sea Salts and Sea Weeds…
KOSÉ Spawake skincare range will naturally make your face speak…
~ Jyotika Rajput Mehra Poetic Composition

10th April |17:30 | The Oval - Hyatt Regency, Delhi

I reached the venue on time and completed the registration formalities. As I proceeded, I felt a zephyr of fun, excitement and loads of happy faces - Media correspondents, Brand’s esteemed panel of associates from Japan, Ambassador of Japan to India, Team - KOSE Corporation India, the IndiBlogger team, fellow IndiBloggers and other associates.
Unveiling KOSÉ at IndiBlogger Meet
The evening started with brewing cuppas of café and cookies. Anoop (from the organizer’s team) cordially welcomed us all. The beginning sessions included fun activities such as “Number-Guessing-Game” and “15 minutes of inter-mingling with fellow bloggers where people had to exchange their most personal stuff”…! 

Whoa… personally saying, I found it to be an absolutely great way of knowing about new bloggers! The environs just got pepped up with the thrill and excitement which went on growing…

Introducing KOSÉ – The Brand…
The KOSÉ Team - Japan
Takeshi Yagi san, Ambassador of Japan to India, made us know about the brand history and some significant facts.

  • KOSÉ was founded in 1946 by Kozaburo Kobayashi.
  • Currently, KOSÉ Corporation is one of the leading beauty and cosmetic companies of Japan. 
  • The brand aims at providing the consumers with high-quality cosmetic products to make them feel beautiful, thereby, imbibing a sense of confidence and hope.
  • With more than 40 years of existence, KOSÉ will now operate in 25 countries and will target to expand its global presence across countries such as – India, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, Laos, US, UK, Canada, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Norway, Belgium and Denmark.
Yagi san wishes for a great and successful partnership between Japan and India. He believes that KOSÉ will make India’s beauty culture far more beautiful.

Kobayashi san, President and representative, KOSÉ Corporation, began the next presentation session.

  • KOSÉ is a consequence of Kozaburo Kobayashi’s right mind to follow the right path.
  • The Kobayashi family owns majority share and is strongly committed towards the business.
  • Backed by total work force of over 12,000 employees (approx.), KOSÉ owns a market capital of 450 billion ¥ (approx.).
  • KOSÉ launched world’s 1st beauty serum on 16th November 1975 and world's 1st powder foundation on 16th February 1976.
  • KOSÉ spreads its aura of beauty via two categories – Base make-up and Skincare range of products.
  • KOSÉ has strong capabilities to create and manage a wide variety of cosmetic brands, with verticals such as “KOSÉ family brands”, “Independent brands” and “Brands operated by group company”; and segments being classified as “high prestige brands”, “prestige brands” and “self selection brands”.
  • KOSÉ has been a strategic international partner for global cosmetic companies. Period from 1963 to 2014  represents the same thereby highlighting the brands such as Loreal, Marie Claire, Maybelline, Tiffany & Co., Lorac, JillStuart, Rimmel, Adidas Skin Protection and Tarte (high-performance naturals) .
  • KOSÉ has many opportunities to expand its business.
  • KOSÉ has made a foray into India, which is a high-potential market. Forecast reveals a 112% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) in 2018. The growth ratio would notice an increase from 8% (in 2014) to 10% (in 2018)
  • KOSÉ seizes India as a new market for beauty products following the brand’s mission to “Create a new beauty culture in India”.
  •  Grand design and proposition awaits the road ahead.
Takashi Nomura san, Director & CEO, KOSE Corporation India Pvt. Ltd., proceeded the next session of presentation…

  • KOSÉ anticipates to consistently offer new beauty creations derived from Japan to bloom the beauty of Indian women.
  • KOSÉ enters Indian market with focus segment of 5% occupancy of the premium brand, whereas 41% is occupied for the Japanese market.
  • Consumer insights as per the surveys showcase 2 classifications of products... first -Natural, including fruits and plant extracts for natural moisturizing; and second -Visible Effect, including special potions for a visibly fairer complexion
  • Survey reveals that to get healthy skin, Indian women wish to change their sedentary lifestyle and follow a healthy diet. To get a radiant complexion they wish to get a new active ingredient in their skincare products that would fulfil their growing beauty needs.
  • Therefore, to fulfil this need, KOSÉ commits to present 4 new characteristics in their new range of skincare products:
     o Indulgence/ Pampering – for the Indian women who have to deal with daily environmental stress
     o New Effective Ingredients – which must be a novelty in the Indian market
     o Made in India, inspired by Japan – to make Indian women feel the essence of India
     o Modernity – Mixing India’s traditional practices and modern customs of India and Japan
  • KOSÉ new skincare range is positioned across the 4 dimensions prevailing in the beauty market:
     o Total Beauty – Indian brands and Global brands
     o Seeds Method i.e. the core ingredients
     o Value of Cosmetic Products
     o Value of Salon Care

KOSÉ Unveils Spawake in the Indian Market…
KOSÉ Exposes Spawake Skincare Range
  • Spawake enters the Indian cosmetics market under the local Indian operating company KOSE Corporation India Pvt. Ltd. (Gurgaon, Haryana).
  • The Spawake lineage will include 7 product variants & 13 SKU’s marketed at Indian women and available at urban supermarkets, mainly in Delhi NCR, and the online e-commerce website (tie-up with Myntra).
The Spawake Concept – Refreshes and Revitalizes Skin for a Fresh, After-Spa Glow…
Courtesy: Indian Press Release of KOSÉ - Spawake 2015
  • Key ingredients
        o Laminaria Japonica Extract
        o Sea Salt
  • Product Lineup
        o Moisturizing Line
              §  Face Wash (100g, 50g)
              §  Fairness Cream for Day (50g, 25g)
              §  Fairness Cream for Night (50g, 25g)
              §  Cold Cream (50g, 25g)
              §  Deep Purity Mask (60g)

        o Whitening Line
                 §  Scrub Face Wash (100g, 50g)
                 §  Fairness Gel Cream (50g, 25g)

The Hero Product of Spawake…
  • Spawake Moisturizing Fairness Cream for Day
        o Rich in texture
        o SPF 25 PA++
        o Protects against UV rays, dryness and harmful effects of the urban environs
        o Skin becomes hydrated, bright and luminous
        o 50g – INR 249, 25g – INR 129

Values of the Intense Research…
  • Intelligence - Development of impressive elements and materials which emphasize on the skin.
  • Sensuousness - Creation of sophisticated cosmetics which will be used repeatedly.
  • Reliability - Creation of quality cosmetics which play top priority on safety.
Commenting on the Indian strategy, Mr. Takashi Nomura, Director & CEO, KOSE Corporation India Pvt. Ltd. said, “KOSÉ has always stood up for ‘Wisdom and Beauty for people and the earth’ and the decision to enter India is just an extension of that philosophy. We are extremely delighted in having the opportunity to bring spa like indulgence at home. Spawake is an expression of KOSÉ commitment to bring sea deep beauty to every Indian woman and we look forward to receiving tremendous response.
(Courtesy: Indian Press Release of Kose– Spawake 2015)

Meanwhile, all the guests were presented with a sample of Spawake “fairness cream for day” to self-analyse the goodness of the item. As I took the cream in my hand, and started feeling its texture, it just got blended so well with my skin, leaving a tender floral fragrance, making my senses elated.
Spawake Fairness Cream for the Day
The most delightful phase of the meet was yet to come – to see the face of the Brand Ambassador… as all were eagerly waiting to see the pretty lady, we saw the host announcing the name… and guess who was her? The drop-dead gorgeous, the stunning Bollywood beauty Aditi Rao Hydari
Aditi Rao Hydari - Bollywood Actress
Courtesy: Gaurab Mukherjee
Aditi Rao Hydari along with the KOSÉ Team
To tell you a bit about her… Aditi Rao Hydari is an Indian film actress. A classical bharatanatyam dancer, she made her acting debut with Sharada Ramanathan's acclaimed film Sringaram and rose to fame after her performance in Sudhir Mishra's 2011 film Yeh Saali Zindagi. (Courtesy: Wikipedia )

Speaking about her under-water experience while shooting for the advertisement, she revealed about the goodness of the naturally formulated range of Spawake skincare products.

Guests’ pondering thoughts popped up some questions…

Here is all what I could jot down…

Q1. Regarding the anticipated timeline for showcasing the power of KOSÉ…

-> Currently, the KOSÉ representatives anticipate a very strong presence of the product range in Delhi/NCR because these are the significant cosmopolitan and modern areas. They feel fortunate to identify the Indian markets and want to optimally utilize the given investment. They wish to make India get inspired by Japan.

Q2. Regarding the distinction of Spawake products from other market players, as the focus is only on “fairness”…

-> The representatives think Spawake would honestly serve the current needs of the Indian women. Later on, they intend to bring in other trending products from Japan.

After three years of intense market survey, they have come up with Spawake which will fulfil the requirements of Indian women. They finally concluded that the kind of distinction Spawake provides is based on the following 6 factors:
     o Concept
     o Packaging
     o Design
     o Fragrance
     o Texture
     o Brand Name

Q3. Regarding any upcoming cosmetic range specific to men to enhance their attractiveness…

(And there I could hear everybody giggling over… by the way this question popped up in my mind… the reason was simple - my hubby, bro, dad, best buddy are all men indeed… and we do have a chat on skincare sometimes….)
Its Me - Jyotika | Courtesy: Gaurab Mukherjee
-> Currently, the Spawake skincare range is specifically designed to cater the needs of the young Indian women (around 20 – 30 years). However, there are some future plans to release a skincare range that would specifically target the Indian men.

Q4. Regarding the 2 key ingredients contributing to the current need of the society…

o Laminaria Japonica Extract – A highest quality extract derived from Japanese kelp, a type of sea weed, is known to have hydrating effects on the skin.
o Sea Salt – Dry matter collected off the coast of the beautiful oceans in Brittany, France, where the sea water is rich in minerals. These minerals have anti-inflammatory effects.

Q5. Regarding the use of products being confined to individual or the spa-centres or salons…

-> Currently, the Spawake skincare range is confined only to the individual consumers. However, soon in future, a special range catering to spa-centres or salons may be released.

Q6. Regarding the natural products that were originated in India… How Spawake is different from those traditional Indian products?

-> Representatives believe that Indian consumers like to use natural products containing fruits and vegetable extracts. Spawake is also created from naturally formulated potion of Laminaria Japonica extracts and Sea Salts which will have unique beauty effects thereby making the skin look naturally radiant.

After a heavy question-answer round, the Just Dance Company presented a mesmerizing dance performance. I believe the dance reflected the “under-water” theme too since the performers were beautifully dressed in whites, silver and blues… I was just spell bound by their graceful moves… It was a wonder!
Jaw Dropping Performance by Just Dance Company
Aditi Rao Hydari took the dais again to hook the audience to the concluding session…
  • She told that how happy she is to be a part of the KOSÉ family. She feels privileged to be at the product launch.
  • The beauty secret of the Japanese women (who are world renowned for their beauty), is now in the hands of the Indian women. Japanese women have a good beauty regime, which Indian women should also follow.
  • The products are safe, high-quality, natural, organic, smooth and absolutely light to wear on the skin.
  • She believes that she meets the brand philosophy of “minimalism”. She felt like a mermaid while shooting for the advertisement.
The Official Spawake Advertisement:
Let the Beauty of Your Skin be Sea Deep

  • It is a pioneering step by KOSÉ to launch well researched, naturally formulated, high-quality products.
  • Aditi believes that love for beauty always stays. This is true in case of each individual.
  • She grew up using natural products where kitchen was the saviour where she could just create natural face masks or apply tomatoes or cucumbers over her face. And, therefore, she synonymizes KOSÉ products with natural beauty enhancers. Since now she doesn’t have time, it is great to use the Spawake skincare range on the fly.
  • Since she needs to look perfect each time, Spawake facewash makes her feel hydrated and moisturized through-out.
  • She believes that there is nothing more beautiful than a happy and a calm person… someone who is just unique in his/her own ways to face the world... Absolutely, I personally feel that we all must follow her mantra – “Stay happy…Stay beautiful…l”
  • She asked us all to follow a healthy life-style – “Eat healthy and stay happy”… “Don’t abuse your skin… find natural way out to treat it!” and then what’s better than the natural skincare range of the KOSÉ Spawake products!
A cute and quick groupie with the ravishing Aditi…
Courtesy: Rahul Prabhakar
Thereafter, post the yummylicious dinner, the marvellous IndiBlogger meet got called as close…
The Lavish Gourmet Delight - The Oval
The Prized Possession…

Before leaving we collected our parcel of the beautiful KOSÉ Spawake skincare products which contained an 8GB pendrive too… and believe me I just couldn’t stop my excitement to pamper myself… the wait was till only for a while by the time I reached home!
The Spawake Skincare Range
Deep regards and gratifying “Thanks” to the IndiBlogger team for the invitation. The orchestration was “just so perfect”…!

It gives me sheer privilege to write about this esteemed product launch and share my delightful experience. Looking forward to more such meets! Being a part of IndiBlogger means a lot!

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