Making Earth Cleaner and Greener

We all see a beautiful dream
of making Earth green and clean...
These days “Mother Nature” is fuming and distressed…
Tsunamis, Floods, Draughts, and Quakes 
are her ways of letting us know how much she is disgraced…
Let us contribute in mending our planet…
This is our home… This is our place…
Conserving our world will bring us some solace…
Natural calamities and disasters are alarmingly posing a jinx…
Let us cease our Earth from getting the stink…!
~Jyotika Rajput Mehra Poetic Composition
It's Time to Save Earth because We Love it! 
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There are number of ways following which we can do our bit to make Earth cleaner and greener. However, here are few “To-Do” (Must-Do) regimes that will absolutely revive the world…

Come, let us integrate and shower some benevolence on our Mother Nature, our Earth…(

Conserving Nature: Daily-Routine Recommendations

  • Instead of running water, start using a tumbler while brushing teeth.
  • Rather than sticking to the shower bath, take the traditional way of bathing, i.e. bucket bath.
  • Replace the mobile water pipes used for watering the plants or washing the automobiles with handy bucket.
  • Similarly, the utensils can easily be washed in accumulated water instead of the tap water.
  • Do not run washing machines until there is one full bucket of clothes.
  • Utilize car pool or public conveyance while traveling.
  • All the girls/women out there, promise yourself to use eco-friendly cosmetics.
  • Do not print and waste paper unless and until too necessary.
  • Reduce the energy consumption whenever and wherever possible. Switch off unnecessary power points. Before leaving your room/home, ensure no power switch is on. Remember, whenever you save power, you save money!
  • Buy power-saving and energy-efficient home appliances (ACs, LED lights, Refrigerators, and so further) using which electricity bills can be reduced up to 20%. See star-rating on them while buying.
  • Maintain two separate bins for disposing waste – degradable and non-degradable. Mind you, it helps a lot!
  • Stop the heinous act of littering at public places – spitting or urinating on roads, throwing wrappers from moving car… Keep the surroundings tidy and clean.

Conserving Nature: Beyond Daily Routine

  • Plantation is highly recommended and absolutely essential for clean and pollution-free environment. Take a pledge to plant a seed/sapling at least once in a month.
  • Build garden setups in and around your home.
  • Installing solar panel around homes and offices is an excellent way of conserving solar power.
Believe me, doing small stuff actually makes a BIG difference…!

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