Marvellous Melbourne - Truly a Dream Destination!

The moment we ponder over a “Dream Destination”, breeze of an incredible fantasy world captivates our senses... Right? 

Indeed, it is the place that spreads its magical aura through stories and pictures, while arousing an intense urge of actually being there!

Recently a friend of mine shared an amazing out-of-the-world experience of his trip to Melbourne, consequence of which has made me completely bowled over… The desire to pamper my heart by visiting this oh so fantastic destination is thumping up high!

Through this post I intend to portray my friend’s emotions which will surely charm anybody to count “Melbourne” in their list of “Dream Destinations”!

So, here I go revealing the facts...

Rendezvous with the Marvellous Melbourne...

Welcome your senses in the blend of bountiful nature and contemporary era; explore the city in motion - the arty and marvellous… “Melbourne”! The history, arts, culture and sports enticingly makes the place your perfect destination. 

A voguish and vibrant potpourri of effervescent styles, events, sports, exquisite culinary delights, diversified cultures, colossally beautiful nature and astonishing architectural wonders is waiting for you to weave the most intricate story ever.

Experience the Unusual...

The unique geographic location sets your date with all four seasons in one day. Let your heart beat with the thrill of rock-climbing, fishing, skiing, surfing, and hiking. Invade into the territory of strikingly breath-taking valleys and mountains, pristine beaches, sweeping coastlines, lush green botanical and wildlife parks and much more!

Marvellous Melbourne
Charm of the Cosmopolitan...

Melbourne is the beautiful capital of the south-eastern state of Victoria and is the second most populated city of Australia. What was once known as Batmania has now derived the name Melbourne – referring to an urban agglomeration area. 

The Culture, Sports and Events capital of Australia offers a plethora of hallmark cultural, sports and business events. Host to the Cricket World Cup 2015 final, Melbourne is the only city in the world offering five international standard sporting facilities at the fringe of its Central Business District (CBD). 

The Culture, Sports, Events Capital of Australia - Melbourne

Within a while of arriving into the world’s greatest Street Art capital, you can feel the zephyr of the Aboriginal culture and the urban era mesmerising your neurons via the colourful glimpses of the street art. 

Street Art - Melbourne
Scoring high on offering outstanding infrastructure, healthcare and education, the city continues to bag the tag of the world’s most liveable city

One can truly capture the essence of the cosmopolitan by travelling via the world’s fourth largest tram system and through the extensive network of bike trails across the city, bays and suburbs. 

The Journey of Joy...

Melbourne, being the most populous city of Victoria, has the largest number of cafes and restaurants per capita than anywhere else in the world

Kick start your journey by hitting upon the perky rooftop bars, buzzing laneways and embellished arcades; shop frenziedly at the upmarket Chapel Street or the Brunswick Street and indulge in the melange of cuisines at Carlton, Richmond, and Fitzroy. 

Board the City Circle Tram at the Flinders Street, the central railway junction, to get a free ride to most prime attractions. 

City Circle Tram - The Flinders Street

Though the list is non-exhaustive but some of the “not-to-be-missed” hot spots are…

The Federation Square – which is the one-stop shop for cultural attractions, speciality stores, tourist expositions and further so.

The Federation Square

Royal Botanic Gardens – where you can breathe in the freshest air observing the nature’s canvas.

Royal Botanic Gardens

St. Paul’s Cathedral – where you can trigger your spiritual strings in the tranquil atmospheres of the neo-gothic transitional style church. 

St. Paul's Cathedral

Fall in Love with Melbourne...

Here are the curtain raisers that will truly satiate your soul enriching your heart with delightful experiences of a lifetime.

Be it plucking the fresh and succulent strawberries at the Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farms;

Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farms

Ballooning over the Yarra Valley vineyards at sunrise;

Yarra Valley Vineyards

Gazing through the endearing Penguin Parade at the Phillip Island at sunset;

Penguin Parade at Phillip Island

Viewing incredibly adorable Kangaroos and Whales along The Great Ocean Road;

The Great Ocean Road

Capturing entire city’s scintillating view from the Eureka Skydeck 88;

Eureka Skydeck 88 

Creating your own chocolate bar at Phillip Island Chocolate Factory; or

Phillip Island Chocolate Factory

Watching a live cricket match in the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)... the unforgettable experiences will unarguably make you fall in love with Melbourne!

Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)
God… isn't that incredible!!!

I am eagerly waiting to unroll the fun beyond my imagination… vacation at Melbourne can never be less than a dream!

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