Shine with Richa Sharma's Image Management...

Be it the morning breakfast or time to dine,
Never leave a chance to shine,

Dress up, step out, learn and explore,
The world has an array of exciting stuff in store,

Express, communicate, make a connect,
Let your confidence create a ripple effect,

Fathom your appearance to be an essential key,
Through which you can lead and live your fantasy,

 Exude your charm with style and smile,
Your image is all what makes your presence worthwhile!
~Jyotika Rajput Mehra Poetry
Looks Do Matter | Courtesy: Google
Today, with this post I am highly pleased to share the concept of Image Management with you all. :)

 I am so grateful to the HR team of my company who had organised an exclusive workshop for the women professionals on the occasion of International Women's Day 2015. Though its quite a delayed post but its surely worth sharing!

Also, the scope of Image Management embraces the make over for men too.

Richa Sharma, who was the prime presenter, is the principal consultant and trainer at PurpleFactor. She is a certified image consultant trained by Image Management Consulting Institute (India), under the curriculum of Judith Rasband, a world renowned Master Image Consultant and Director of Conselle Institute of Image Management, USA.
Image Management Guru - Richa Sharma | Courtesy: Google 
She aims to empower and educate people with the art and science of image management.
Along with two more speakers, Richa started the session by playing an awesomely beautiful video. :)

Courtesy: Hindustan Times

And then there was active interaction among the speakers and the audience…

Discussion included significance of smart dressing and what one can do to alter their image regardless of having a perfect body shape. Audience was totally pumped up with real life stories regarding good looks, physical appearance, how impactful is one’s style and dressing in today’s world, and further so.

So what is an “Image”?

Image is the prime asset that defines an individual's personality. It is a cohesive reflection of one's emotions, ethics, perception, behaviour, decisions and desires.

Image can be affirmative or non-affirmative… How to build an affirmative one?

The factors that build an affirmative image are…
Factors building Affirmative Image

Observe that the evolving attribute is being yourself which eventually leads to happiness.

What do you mean by "Be Yourself"?

It is just realising that "feel good" factor which makes you elated, happy and comfortable. It is something which makes you feel confident enough to face the world. It is actually your primitive form of nature – while communicating, or walking, or styling, or eating, or doing anything. When you are in your natural form, you are the happiest and the most comfortable person.

Hence, the art of self-introspection is necessary to be learnt, i.e. examining yourself at emotional as well as the physical level!

Doing so would enable you identify all those teensy-weensy things that you may surpass in the daily regime. It is just like closely observing all your actions and reactions, likes and dislikes and further so. 

Observe yourself closely and you will come across the answers for some of the basic questions…
  • What makes you happy and comfortable?
  • What is your confidence level while talking to people?
  • What bothers you about your looks?
  • What you can change about your looks?
  • What you cannot alter about you looks?

Emotional and Physical Well-being – The Inter-Related Fundamentals…

There are many elements governing your emotional well-being – atmosphere, circumstances and most importantly the people. Staying in healthy environments and connecting with positive people do wonders on the mind psyche, thereby strengthening your thought process.

Emotional well-being also primarily depends upon your physical well-being, i.e. your health and appearance. No wonder that is why people with appealing looks possess a good mental status and hence those with balanced emotional quotient lead a healthy lifestyle.

The Bothering Fact…

But the bothering fact is that not everybody is blessed with great looks, or a perfect body figure or physique. The image of a person majorly forms the diktat from one’s physical looks, which is actually the factor impacting one’s confidence, societal image, personal as well as professional life.

Here comes the saviour – “Image Management”… An Art and science of reviving your image!

“Image” is…
  • Reflection of your Physical Well-Being
  • The way you are perceived by Others

Significant Factors Impacting Image...
  • Health – Can be very well controlled and balanced with the help of dieticians and food experts
  • Appearance – Can be corrected with the help of fashion scientists

Slashing the Worries Related to Looks and Appearance with “Image Management”…

Now your body shape will no longer be a reason to bother you. Forget the worries and make your presence strongly felt wherever you go!

Learning the “Body Type Analysis”...

Richa displayed a slide show and made us all aware of the different types of women body shapes. Here is what I could jot down…
  • Triangle
  • Inverted Triangle
  • Rectangle
  • Hourglass
  • Diamond
  • Rounded
  • Pear
Different Types of Women Body Shapes | Courtesy: Google
Through a demo (by calling different women in front), she very finely made us understand the varying body shapes and how one can identify theirs, with the help of a body measuring scale.

Richa then showcased slides which focussed on the types of apparels to be chosen for various body types. She also made us learn about specific colours, patterns and styles while shopping. This was actually the moment which all were waiting for! We were eager to know how wisely one could invest in clothing that gives a million dollar look!

She emphasised on the fact that Wardrobe Management is extremely essential for a good societal status and one must learn the art and science behind it.

The session proceeded to the beauty segment where Richa personally did a makeover for one young lady. She gave her a subdued look just perfect for office. The make-up line was from the popular beauty brands like Maybelline, L’oreal, Revlon, Lakme:
  • Face cleanser
  • Applicator and brushes (face, eye, lip)
  • Matte foundation (natural yellow, especially for Indian skin)
  • Concealer (for more bright and clear effect)
  • Face powder (natural beige)
  • Cheek bone highlighter (natural-rose)
  • Eye definer stick or Kajal (black)
  • Eye shadow (natural pink)
  • Eye liner (black)
  • Mascara (black)
  • Eye brow pencil
  • Lip liner (pink)
  • Lip colour (natural pink)
The session ended with some great fun games.

Richa truly made us aware of the significance of good looks, and how one’s appearance can build or break their image – at personal, professional and social levels! Her motivating words encouraged each one of us to bring out our inner beauty and make it reflect over our appearances!
Wake Up & Do Make-Up
Her golden mantra – “Wake Up & Do Make Up” charged everybody with a smile! She said, “Wearing make-up never harms, its just that you have to buy good brands, remove make-up before going to sleep and follow good diet”.

Key Archives...
  • Image is a combination of your internal as well as external beauty.
  • Image Management is not only for corporate professionals, but also for those working from home, housewives, business people, teenagers, would-be brides-&-grooms, people visiting abroad, and further so.
  • Positive attitude leads to self-improvement which in turn leads to success.
  • The best make-up is to wear a smile. It inherently makes you happy and confident.
  • Understand your body shape type. Change what you can! Accept what you can't! Love your body. Hating your imperfections will have negative impact over your emotional well being.
  • Style your wardrobe. Get rid of the clothes and accessories that do not suit your body shape. Shop wisely!
  • Invest in good brands - clothing and cosmetics... and you will never regret it.
  • Eat healthy, exercise, look good, feel good... and "Wake up & Do make-up"!
The workshop was extremely inspiring, energising and beneficial. It made us all realise that sometimes it is essential to defocus from the hustling busy lives and emphasise upon the necessities of our well-being!

I again convey my heartfelt thanks to Richa, the woman of substance, whose magic wand can really do wonders for those who really wish to go for a great makeover and make a remarkable difference in their lives! 

So, What are you waiting for...? To experience the benefits of the popular makeover mechanism, contact Richa Sharma today at +91-9871553646 


* Author of this post reserves rights for the written content source being an original concept. Please do not copy without permission. ©Jyotika Rajput Mehra

* This post is purely based on the author’s personal experience, knowledge and perception. The purpose of this post is to spread awareness on the subject of image management as learnt in Richa Sharma’s live workshop. This is a gentle reminder for all to observe their physical appearance and take help of professionals like Richa, in case a makeover is required!