AskMe Fashion Meet Up - Delhi 2015

The BAAP of All APPS: AskMe

Striker Pub & Kitchen
Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj
01 Aug 2015

Jolting down the city's traffic, while traveling to the destination, my imagination caught all the fun one can have at a fashion meet! I reached the destination almost on time and felt just WOW! Catching up with blogger friends sparked up a great merry mood! Strangely, the start got much delayed quashing our super excited neurons!

Gratefully, after a long deferral, Preeti Hoon (the host), initiated the session with a gush of effervescence and energy that revived our senses.

Business of Blogging Or Blogging of Business? The Agenda began…

The discussion involved 3 eminent panellists and of course the audience.
The Panelists: Shaily, Lisha, Akanksha (L to R)
Shaily Khera (Fashion and wardrobe stylist, fashion and beauty blogger, designer and writer in the making.)
Know more about her:

Lisha Batta (A full time beauty & fashion blogger)
Know more about her:

Akanksha Dureja (Blogs at Direct Dil Se )
Know more about her:

Here’s what I could jot down when it began…

  • I always wanted to study fashion. I always had a direction in mind, and with the right time, I implemented things and started off with the flow.
  • Blogmint is the new trend connecting brands and bloggers.
  • Brands have started recognising how many people follow them.
  • We are not brand ambassadors, so be true to yourself and your audience.
  • Brands have become serious in on-boarding massive influencers.

The Challenges...

  • Brands should be very clear in their purpose of approaching the bloggers. It should not be restrained only to promote their brand's numbers. Rather, the brands must know the fact that to get their brand promotion done, they need to pay the bloggers!
  • This is a professional world. Professionalism should be respected. Considering this fact, brands must respect the efforts and time of the bloggers.
  • Bloggers should stick to their morals and ethics. They should not let the brand take them for granted.
  • Initially bloggers can start working for brands without asking for payment and later get rid of this practice.

Brands Want Traffic and ROI...

  • PR and digital marketing team should understand that putting celebrity on-board doesn't always help. There has to be something inherently good about the product to influence its users. Bloggers should be optimistic. If they have published something on FB, Twitter, it will surely get noticed.
  • Brands should not expect unrealistic results or traffic. In the long run, users will be attracted only with the real goodness of the product.
  • Social media is catching up big time…

Social Media: A Great Medium of Communication...

  • Having a blog is a great medium of communication. One must use the social media extensively to know the who's who. It is a great way to test the water, i.e. where you stand;  the way your audience interacts and reacts.
  • Blogging is a new fad, it will fade away, i.e. some more dimensions may be added soon.
  • For instance, Dubsmash boomed in with a rage. Similar apps such as FAME also build a good connect with the audience. Such apps provide more interaction with users. People judge you when they see you live.
  • Social media is a great medium to give you visibility and make your audience know the real you.
  • Twitter is emerging as a great medium to connect with brands and audience.

QA With Shaily...

Q. How do you make money? (asked by Rahul Prabhakar)

A. If I like the product, I promote it and write about it. Brands follow me because of good connect.

Q. Is there a long term relationship between brands and people? (asked by someone else)

A. Yes, only when brand knows it’s true value, people follow it till long.

Blogging Single-Handedly or in a Team…

  • More people means more work done but it’s heart shattering when you train people, teach them your ways and then they leave you, be it any reason.
  • If you can, you must hire people to have more voices on opinions. It is of great benefit to work with like-minded and trustworthy people.(Lisha started off with a one-woman team late last year, and now it’s a team of 5 people! That's commendable Lisha…)

Any Standard Cost for Blogging Exists? Or Should There Be Any Standard Rate Card for Blogging for Brands?

As of now, there is no clear picture about the standard rates or costs that should be paid to the bloggers. But, yes, Blogmint is serving as the best platform in this regard. It automatically marks a standard rate for each blogger based upon their ranks, which is set according to their blog’s readership.

Shaily, Lisha, Akanksha: If you have a good readership, then be a professional blogger and do not work for free!

The Much Awaited Style Book Contest...

After an engaging session, it was time to get our hands on styling a mannequin… Yeah! you heard it right… We had to be the "style gurus"...

Divided as 4 persons-per-team, we were asked to dress-up female mannequins. All were so very thrilled by this concept of having such an invigorating contest as a part of a fashion blogger meet! 

Pic 1: Our Team - Sangeeta, Ekta and Me (L to R) | Pic 2: With Preeti Hoon
The idea was to let us (the bloggers) know about the latest trends of apparels and accessories available on for the young on-the-go females. 

While checking out the clothing and the accessories (jewellery, bags, footwear, eye-glasses, watches), we observed that they intended to present an easy going pret-a-porter look for styling the dummies!
Clothing and Accessories from AskMe
The Chik Street Look for the Girl Next Door: Our Styled Up Model 
Judges liked our model's ankle-wrapped scarf style... well to say it out, that was my idea!  :)
Though we did not win the contest but loved participating!
Winner of the Style Contest: Left Most Model

About AskMe…

Though most of us know about AskMe, here’s a brief intro for those who are new…

Quick Facts...
  • Askme Group chief marketing officer, Manav Sethi said that Askme has 12 million SMEs listed on its platform and out of that 12 thousand pay Rs 7,000 a year for premium listing. On Askmebazaar, the company has about 7 lakh products being sold through 30 thousand merchants.
  • Askme has witnessed a tremendous growth in searchers on their website over the last one year, taking it to 70 million searches a month.
  • Askme has signed deals with journalist Vir Sanghvi, Chef Vikas Khanna, food experts Rocky and Mayur for food reviews at restaurants. People can watch such online reviews in video and at the same time will have an option to buy or book services.
  • It has signed contract with film actress Twinkle Khanna for developing interior designing vertical at Askme, Sethi said.
  • The company is expanding business in e-commerce space and company listings both in India and abroad.
  • Askme has launched business in Malaysia under brand name FindIt that now covers 700 categories over 450 cities in the country.
  • "We are now going to launch FindIt like platform but with Askme brand name within next 9 to 12 months in Kuwait, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Nigeria," Sethi added.
  • Available 24X7 for consumers across all major cities in India
  • Know more at: www.askme.comDial 4444 4444 44 (10 times 4)

Best Products in Best Prices - You Will Find it All at the One-Stop Destination...

ASKME satiates the diverse needs of its customers by not only offering them a heap of choices but also providing them with advices from the experts. The intent is to provide a credible source for recommendations through curated experiences

The Recent Campaigns...

The recent campaigns designed by JWT, "BAAP of All Trends" and "One Click Therapy" (featuring actors Ranbir Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar, respectively) are all set to introduce a new notion of online retailing.
Video Courtesy:

Video Courtesy:

AskMe group CMO Manav Sethi said, “Both these campaigns are built on consumer insights. Search has moved from discovery to aggregated opinions and hence Askme assumes that leadership position across India to communicate best places to eat, wear, and relax etc. The option to transact these products and be in the trend is made available by Askmebazaar where majority find platforms such as these an option full of choices, brands and best prices and hence 'stress mein don’t go bizarre; shop on askmebazaar.'”


This was the brand's first ever fashion blogger meet held in Delhi. More meet ups (food, travel, lifestyle) are on their way!

I deeply thank the Blogmint team for providing me a chance to gain more insight on the AskMe Fashion vertical; learn more about the brand-blogger relationship; interact with some wonderful bloggers.

With all the hot style trends on (The #1 Fashion community in India), the patrons and today's youth get a chance to query and know the big picture of the exuberant SWAG world!

Wishing AskMe a continued success for their best endeavours! Cheers… :)

The Cute Goodie Mug from AskMe



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