The Power of Self Control...

With this post, I wish to share my experience of “Self Control”and knowledge about "Meditation". It's not the first time that I am doing this but it's the first time indeed that I am posting about it! :)

The Power of Self Control

It’s been almost a week and I haven’t checked my “Facebook”...  Seriously guys... no kidding here! The social networking site that I am damn crazy for; that I keep hopping on each hour of the day; that makes me really happy by watching my friends’ pictures which I love to “like” and comment upon; the site which offers pure fun and knowledge too; the best of all is that Facebook is one hot trending site that keeps me and everybody else well connected with their loved ones!

Yes... I know it all, and still I chose to stay away from something that I admire the most! Want to know the reason WHY??? Because I felt that I am getting literally addicted to it and wanted a momentary hiatus. Hence I decided to combat this addiction with the powerful techniques of meditation.  

No offence to the avid Facebook users. We all love social networking because it is magical and it is here to stay forever. My reality check was just an attempt to prove myself that I am not a slave to technology.

With no praises, I would like to share that my age old practice did help in realizing the fact – “Yes I can do Self-Control”. Gratefully, I have emerged as a winner in this reality check by successfully implementing the amazing technique. And now, I would soon be back again accessing my favourite Facebook... :)

Self Control...

Believe me, self control is the key to peace. It means that you willingly pull yourself away from something, eventually leading to self contentment with no feelings of regret or uneasiness. It is great to know your hidden potential that you can survive without a particular thing without bothering much. But self control does not mean that you are forcibly directing your emotions. It has to be natural. Only then will the feeling of comfort sink in your senses enabling you monitor yourself better.

Meditation Teaches Self Control and Helps Over Come Adversities...

Too often you get arrested in the muddle of adverse instances in life. I comprehend them to be categorized as per the severity with which they affect our psyche. From low level severity (affecting for a short while) to mid level severity (affecting for a substantial time period) to high level severity (affecting for life time and may be extremely detrimental); these instances cause serious imbalance among our mind, body and spirit.

What do you do to handle such creepy instances?

Meditation is the Answer…

In recent time, my life took a twist with some noteworthy events etching a plethora of emotions over my psyche, making me contemplate day and night. After all it's not that easy to stay away from your loved ones, whom you used to meet very often! It's not easy being far away when your loved ones are suffering from illness! Don't want to dig out more details here... By God’s grace I know this beautiful art else it would have been difficult to face the odd times. 

Observations by experts reveal that the adversities never bring pain, it is your reaction towards them that makes you feel miser. Through meditation, you can very well tame your unshackled reactions escaping all the pain and misery. Isn’t it wonderful!

You will find innumerable definitions and techniques for performing “meditation” on web. You may follow any one and proceed towards the path of awakening your higher consciousness. With strong recommendation to follow any, I am humbled to share my derivatives of the complex concept which I learnt at the Pyramid Valley Meditation Center.

Here's my next blog post: Meditation Means “Being Alive”.

[PS: Based on the “Giza Pyramid” principles, the structure of Pyramid Valley is the world’s largest pyramid, solely constructed for performing intensive meditation. It is said that Lord Buddha used to practice this kind of meditation technique. Hence, whoever performs this meditation with firm belief gains manifold benefits.]


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