Top 5 Reasons Why Should You Acknowledge?

A small break, and here I am back again! :) I wish to share a real world tale to make you gain a significant insight upon an important but quite over-looked element in our lives! 

There was a small scale businessman. He had a sweet little family – a loving wife and two adorable kids. His family and friends used to love him but strangely he was never able to show his love to them. Even on the special occasions like festivals, birthdays or his anniversary, he used to spend the day as normally with no excitement and zeal. When his children used to show him their excellent grades, he used to casually congratulate them, showing no interest!

He often used to avoid going to social functions and did not even celebrate any at his home. He was idiosyncratic! He liked to dominate actually! Ironically, he never knew the art of communication. He was commanding and his family agreed to almost whatever he used to say! 

When it was his desire to go for an outing, only then he used to take his family along. Keeping at bay the desires of his children and wife, he often had enough lame excuses for not fulfilling their wishes. There was no particular choice for the family but to survive with this man! Probably for all these reasons, the man could never make true friends in his life! People used to see him as a stubborn and snobbish person.

Gradually, the children grew up and the couple got a bit older. Occupied in their own lives, the children hardly used to talk to their father. They rather used to be with their mother in the spare time. The young ones stopped celebrating their birthdays at home. Few more years passed by and they joined an International University abroad.

During this time, one year, the children forgot their father’s birthday and did not wish him. After 2 days, their mother reminded them about it over phone. On hearing this, they were taken aback. They called their dad and simply wished him belated happy birthday. There was a moment of silence, no response from the man, the haughty being who lived his yesteryears without the charm of acknowledgement; this was the moment that melted his heart!

Tears rolled down his wrinkled cheeks and with a lump in his throat, he uttered the words that he should have spoken much earlier. He said, “I love you sweethearts. Thanks for all your love!” and disconnected the call. The children believed this to be an obvious gesture and did not ponder over it much.

To the man’s surprise, he felt a sheer sense of relief as if a hefty stone has been chunked off his heart. He sobbed and wailed for not having accepted the love from his loved ones, for overlooking the joy in small things, for not celebrating the occasions, for not making true friends, for not understanding the fact that it is so important in life to be humble and appreciate others, especially those who love you! His wife, who was watching this all the while, gave him an embracing teary gaze and stepped forward to hug gently.

Nevertheless, he realised what he missed out upon in his life. But, now it is too late! He won’t get back the gone by golden time; he won’t get another chance to grow intense love in his children’s heart; he won’t get time to go on vacations with his wife; the reason is his old fragile body that denies to be active like before!

This is a true story of a person whom I know. I truly feel sorry for the man and wish he could have learnt the art of acknowledgement somehow! 

Well, inspired by an article by David Samuel, I feel a sense of pleasure in my demeanour of asking the people of this world for just one thing – “Harness Your Power of Acknowledgement”.
If they say, "Ï Love You", tell them back that you too do!
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Top 5 Reasons Why Should You Acknowledge?

#1. You Become the Blessing in Disguise

Ever realised what happens when you acknowledge someone? Acknowledgement is a form of appreciation that leaves a magical effect on one’s psyche and is considered to be the most encouraging act ever. It is essential to appreciate the people in your life (personally as well as professionally) for their small and big deeds. It makes them feel positive. Believe it or not, you yourself feel happy when you do it. Go, do a reality check!

#2. You Get the Dose to be Kind and Humble

Accept the kindness of your loved ones and give them back their share of the much deserved love and attention. Let your hidden emotions flow out of the crevices of your heart. This dual effect spreads the much valuable element known as compassion and makes world a beautiful place.

#3. You Become a Good Communicator

Acknowledgement lets others know that you hold a matter of interest in them. It shuns the communication barrier and triggers the understanding level between two people. It makes you responsive. Even machines have turned smart these days and give out responses following the two-way communication process. What are you waiting for?

#4. Better Communication Leads to Healthy and Strong Relationships

Speak out good words and enact upon them. Show your people that you truly care for them. A good relationship is never about giving commands or following instructions. It is about communicating – where you speak, listen, understand and acknowledge.

#5. Gratitude Makes You Human

When you acknowledge and accept someone or something, you are filled with a sense of gratitude which keeps you grounded and human. Surveys in behavioural science reveal that if we humans pay regards to the nature for our very existence, we prosper relentlessly from its benevolence.

The crux is that we humans cannot exist and survive in isolation. Hence it is vital to be together; to love each other and let each other know about it; to accept each other with the good and the bad; to share happiness and sadness; to care for each other’s well being,; to make each other grow; and consequently prosper in cohesiveness of the “Human Race” and “Mother Nature”! 

For everything we possess in life, for each blessing bestowed upon us, there is some higher source of cosmic realm transmitting the energy that reaches till us. Hence, let us be the benefactor and harness our power of acknowledgement starting right now!


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* This post is purely based on the author’s personal experience, knowledge and perception; and serves a sincere purpose to encourage and empower the readers with the art of acknowledgement that makes one immensely beautiful at heart.