Brand Values - 6 Interesting Case Studies and Videos!

So what is it that makes a "Brand"??? 
Name? Logo? People? 

At core, a brand is all about its values... isn't it? And what is it that constitutes these values? 

My today's post is about six extensive and interesting case studies on popular global brands and their valuesCheck it out... :)

Brand Values
Brand - The Factors that Matter!
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[PS: My post highlights the thought provoking report by KV Sridhar aka Pops (First Chief Creative Officer, SapientNitro, India). His session formed a highly interesting and significant part of the Word Up 2015 event presented by indiBlogger (in association with BigRock and .Me) in Delhi, India. ]

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#2. Telling a Story is an Art

“Telling a story” is indeed an art, and if you know how to tell stories to the world via your brand, you can trigger an urge in them to use the product.

#2. Two Spaces Build a Brand's Image 

Emotional Space – How people feel about their connection with the brand or the product.

Physical Space – People attract and influence other people because of the behaviour they propagate.

When you realise your brand image has been established, then you do not require the 3rd space, i.e. the space when no advertising is involved or required.

#3. If You are a Brand, How Can You Enhance My Life?

It’s not about, “Who you are?” Or “What you can do for me?” It’s about, “Can you enhance my life?” If you consider yourself as a “Brand”, then you must answer the question.

#4. Everything Starts & Ends with People Only

Everything starts with people and ends with them only! Hence, a brand must focus on establishing a strong relationship with its patrons. Building relationships is not a rocket science; relations are based on transparency, mutual trust and interests. Brands should know how significant is their role in their consumers’ lives!

#5. A Story Lived is Better than a Story Told

People don’t actually want to listen to brands’ stories! They want to live them, they want to feel the stories! If a brand’s story is good enough, people want to be a part of it. They want to experience the power of being involved.

#6. Valuing Your Brands or Developing Values in Your Brands?

There's been an interesting observation over the years - the marketers’ focus has been shifting from valuing brands to developing value in brands
A brand that goes a long way is the one that truly focuses on the elements of interest common to people beyond geographical divisions and communities.

Last but not the least, all brands must follow this philosophy – “The most selfish thing in the world is to be selfless! The more you give, the more you get!”

Thereafter, Pops showcased a series of life enriching case studies with mindful messages by globally eminent brands. 

Case Study I : Volvo’s LifePaint

Brand’s conviction: “Road safety should not be for few. It should be for everyone.”

Volvo (a Swedish multinational car manufacturing company) introduced a unique “glow-in the-dark” LifePaint to safeguard the lives of cyclists against accidental injuries by making them visible at night.

Brand’s intention: With higher purpose you become more selfless and form better associations.

Case Study II : Intel and Toshiba's "The Beauty Inside"

Brands’ conviction: “All what matters is the beauty inside!”

This beautiful commercial is the Hollywood’s first advertising film that engaged its audience to be a part. It made them experience the power of being involved with the brand, i.e. – Intel and Toshiba.

The advertisement features “Topher Grace”, “Mary Elizabeth Winstead” and the audience!
Real life fans played the role of the pivotal character, “Alex”. 

Here's the depicted story... 

A man portrays different avatars each morning when he wakes up. He is the same person from inside; but strangely, physically different from outside, each day!
Using Toshiba Ultrabook, he chronicles his idiosyncrasy. One day he falls in love and then later wonders whether he should tell the girl about the truth behind his identity!

Inspired by Intel inside, millions of fans celebrated the fact - what matters actually is the “beauty inside”!

Brand’s conviction: “To bring people together, no matter who they are!”

The purpose of this initiative was to connect the people of India and Pakistan, beyond the unpleasant divide and spread the message – “We all are same, seeking love and happiness”

Cola-Cola vending machines were placed at public spots at both the locations to encourage people to participate in a live communication session, while showing their love for the drink. 

The task of marking hand gestures by drawing signs of love and happiness over the portal created a wave of belongingness across both the nations.

During the making of the ad film, the team faced many hardships. In spite of 3 - 4 failed attempts, the brand came up with this brilliant commercial. They proved that complete optimism in adversities leads to success!

Case Study IV : P&G - Do Things Like a Girl

Brand’s conviction: “Common values and beliefs bring people close and together.”

This wonderful commercial, in association with “Always”, was originated to reinforce the confidence among girls throughout puberty and beyond.

The “Always #LikeAGirl” phrase empowered the girls’ community by letting them know how awesome it is actually to be one!

Case Study V : Lucky Iron Fish

Organisation's Conviction: “Eradicating global health problem with simple innovative medical solution.”

This case study proves that...

Honesty leads to Empathy
Empathy leads to Bonding
Bonding leads to Togetherness...

One just needs to have a strong point of view and will power. “Inspiration” is all that is required to live!

Dr. Christopher Charles successfully came up with the therapeutic concept of the Lucky Iron Fish. The cast iron ingot when used while cooking every day proved to heal the endemic health hazard of Anaemia.

The social organisation's endeavour is to fight against the iron deficiency and make people stay healthier across the globe.

Case Study VI : Under Armour - I Will What I Want

Under Armour featured Gisele Bundchen (a supermodel) under the campaign, “I Will What I Want”. As a part of “Women of Will”, the social film promotes the message, “Will beats noise”

Gisele’s strong determination and will power makes her take a stand and break through boundaries that nobody else has!

After such a soul inspiring session, my inner being whispered in my heart the best take away lesson - "Inspiration is all what is required to live!" Isn't it! :)

[PS: I convey my deep regards to Mr. KV Sridhar aka Pops for sharing his invaluable insights of the interesting Brand Management world! Thanks to other knowledgeable speakers as well who spoke on other topics that are not covered in my post. Thank you indiBlogger for organising such an informative event.]

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* This post is purely based on the author’s knowledge gained at the WordUp blogging event in 2015 in Delhi. The purpose of this post is to inspire and empower the readers with the remarkable case studies of world popular brands as mentioned.