The PHOENIX Rules!

When the night is silent,
Silent becomes the moon...
In the peace of the darkness,
When you are awaken by a crumbling moan...

Frazzled and ruffled,
You look here and there...
Outside the window,
Upside, beneath and within the room...

As you sink slowly in the bed,
The sound of the noise can be heard...
You gradually face the face of these entities,
Nowhere else they seem to be...
The place where they hover over is your heart...

The fusillades of negative emotions are indeed very strong...
But in no way you shall be bowled over my friend...
Not long enough shall the play of fears, doubts, and worries go on...
You must know the trick to silent their siren...

Have unconditional love and unshakeable faith in Yourself and All,
And undoubtedly you will rise once again as a Champion...
Believe in all the goodness to enter the zone of relief,
Trust your heart and you shall pass the phase of grief...

Know your true self – you are nothing but this breath and consciousness,
Hence no physical storm of this world can deter your calmness...
Remember you are a star, created uniquely in all the divine graciousness...
Remember you are Almighty’s most mighty creation,
Your power lies in knowing how to calmly handle powerlessness...
~Jyotika Rajput Mehra Poetry

You are Powerful
Image Location: Central Stockholm, Sweden
It’s not today that I am learning how to steer the helm of life! It’s been ages being in awareness of the true self. As the journey of enlightenment proceeds with time, I am learning more deep aspects of life. 

At present, being physically away from the home land and many of my dear ones, I am learning how to sustain my existence in a world where at times the creepy feeling of non-belongingness floats all around.

The alacrity of exploring the newness of life takes a back seat when you are fumbled up in re-discovering your own individuality. Plethora of emotions ride up your back making you realise that the only saviour you can look up to is “yourself”!

Aahhh! Too melodramatic! Forget it! I believe we all are worthy and brave souls, a bit effed up at times, facing some kind of messy grind in our quest to explore our trueness.

Through this post I wish to share my self-composed theory of the 7 PHOENIX Rules and the corresponding stories to combat the silly unpleasantness of life at personal as well as professional front. They are helping me in my journey and I believe them to work for everybody out there. So inhale till the deep and continue reading... :)

Image Source: Fall Out Boy - The Phoenix
#1. Pray Without Fear - The Story of Faith...

“What is Prayer”!!!??? No, I am not a Guru who would teach you how to pray! Everyone knows its basics! But I do wish to share a wonderful prayer pattern that recently enlightened me.

Prayer is simply a program of affirmations with noble intention and unshakeable faith in the divine.

  • 100% belief in this program;
  • 100% faith in your prayer;
  • No trace of fear, worry, doubt or judgement;
  • No labelling of your problem as “Good” or “Bad” (this may sound weird but do not call that bad stuff as “bad”!)
The prayer pattern:
  • Imagine what you desire for (preferably with closed eyes)
  • Strongly feel your imagination
  • Speak out your imagination in the form of affirmations (whispering is also fine)
  • Repeat the positive words every time, each day, at any place (repeat more for better results)
Repeating the positive words creates a ripple effect in the universe and the mystical divine does bring to you what you wish for. 

Here’s an example of a prayer to heal yourself: “Dear Almighty, I am completely healed and in no pain. I am enjoying perfect health. I am well and absolutely fine.”

You can add many more affirmations. Such prayer patterns can be used for your loved ones as well who are facing any odd in life.

(Warning: This prayer pattern does not work for malevolent imagination. Doing so only aggravates your own pain!)

#2. Harmonise Your Thoughts, Words and Actions - The Story of Focus...

Focus on aligning your thoughts, words and actions in harmony. Not standing by your words and not speaking out what you truly think actually plays havoc on the psyche attracting all the uninvited troubles. This creates your unauthentic picture. And hey, nobody likes it fake!

Here’s the How:
  • Weave positive and benevolent thoughts by focussing on your aim.
  • Strengthen your thoughts with effective communication. Be it verbal or written communication, words are powerful. Let your words reach all those who are involved. (Don’t worry about the non-approvers! Be thankful to your supporters and follow your track.)
  • Once your thoughts are aligned with your words, it is quite easier to get into action. Because now courage is holding your hand to start off your journey. And buddy, there’s no looking back!
#3. Overcome Serious Emotions - The Story of Fun...

Can we have some fun baby!!! It’s time to rock-n-roll, shed off the gloominess, stop over-thinking and most importantly "laugh over yourself"! 

It’s proven that humour fuels up your energy levels thus promoting the RBC count. Problems are everywhere, think about their solutions calmly with a smile, and there you get rid of the destructive emotions.

I am sure everybody has their own cool ways! But let me repeat the cliched... just for fun-sake! :)
  • Click onto that old gallery of pictures/videos. Watching the good old memories is a super powerful way to feel happy. Know why? Because nobody can ever steal those beautiful moments from you and they are your invaluable treasure forever.
  • Get in touch with a beloved someone - family/friend/mentor. Call, mail, message, chat, hang out... do whatever, but don’t underestimate this little gesture. Doing so makes you so elated that you instantly feel strengthened to know that there is at least someone in this world who truly loves you as you are.
  • Engage in fun-filled events. Carry out your favourite activities that make you very merry. Go out in nature, sing, dance, paint, cook, drive, write, meditate, and the list goes on... 
When you are in fun mode, that time you are just “your true self”! And guess what! Then you are the most happiest person on this Earth! So, just inject in some fun right away, laugh out loud and infect others too!

#4. Eat Right - The Story of Food...

Are you a foodie? Me Too! Let's party! Yuhooo... Being a foodie is the new status quo, and its awesome! But being in a flaccid body is not at all awesome!

Do not assume “Eat Right” to be a mere slogan. It is a natural healing technique that saves you from further rips. 

Here's what helping me out:
  • Make a Eat-Right Buddy. Connect to a dear one who sees a mutual benefit in supporting for the "Eat-Right" mission. Start a collective routine to simply abandon eating bothering foods. For example, promise each other to substitute white sugar with honey; say no to butter for 15 days; etc. Eventually this customised exercise will get you permanently rid of the hogwash foods!
  • Mind the Time! Apart from the type of food, the time to consume it plays a vital role too in affecting the pleasantness of health. Design your own time-table and make your best to follow it. 
Enjoy the exceptional party time moments but do ensure to hurl away the unwanted junk stuff that’s bothering your beloved stomach. Believe me; you’ll love yourself for doing so!

#5. Never Give Up - The Story of Failure...

Failure doesn’t label you as loser. It teaches you the power of consistency and makes you eventually reach success. Much cliched but this rule is the on-going nerve of your journey. No matter how much smashed; get up, build your castle again from the scratch, release yourself from the pain and move on.

Pass this test of patience with flying colours and voila! you see yourself attaining your goals in the last hour. Yes it does take time, energy and effort to reach the worthy success!

One thing that's really helping me out is constantly listening to the success stories of the most inspirational icons of the world such as Steve Jobs and J.K. Rowling

#6. Ignore Other’s Mistakes - The Story of Forgiveness...

I couldn't skip off this one! Being a staunch believer of the theory of forgiveness I wish to share about its virtues. 

You screw it at times, still you forgive yourself. Right! Similarly it is imperative to ignore other’s mistakes and forgive them as well. At times, people do things intentionally, but sometimes things get flawed up unintentionally.

It’s best to clarify misunderstandings and break the ice right away. Procrastination only worsens the scenario leaving scars of cold vibes in all the hearts. Long term resentment can even lead to some serious health hazards such as blood clots or tumours. It is only forgiveness that releases all the toxins from mind, body and soul.

Forgive your people for their behaviour. Each one is battling their own issues, don’t take it personally. Remember, true relations never get faded because of temporary emotions. Nobody can know the mystery of your journey except the divine, so embrace your situation and stay strong. 

#7. X-Factor - The Story of Unconditional Love...

Here comes the X-factor! And you gotta have it at any cost! Quantum Physics proves who truly love themselves always look upon others with love and compassion. And that's why I love you baby... because I love myself so much! :)

Believe it or not, your heart is truly happy when you love yourself completely without any guilt. Since this world is the reflection of your own thoughts and feelings, you find the same love in others too. It is essential to participate in the cosmic principle of Law of Exchange – Give Love; Receive Love.

Love is the only cure for all distress... for it circulates the positive energy all around you; charges up everything in your life; and strengthens your integrity of character. The process of exchanging love makes you so grateful that you forget all the unpleasantness caused due to change. 

When Life Pricks Hard, Pour On Some Love :) 

Each time the wave of Change hits you hard, remember these 7 PHOENIX Rules. Learn to rise from your own ashes... Promise yourself that the dilemma of your mind and heart can never ever distort your spirit, i.e. your true self!

Did you find my Phoenix rules worthy and useful? 
I’d love to know about your thoughts. :) 
Please share your comments below.


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