My First Travel Massive Meet in Stockholm with Vélosophy at Bonne Mécanique

A new city… a voguish bike brand… a cool bike-café hub… and the super cool Travel Massive… “Whoa, that was pretty much to kick my excitement for a breezy evening!” + “a wacky instance” made April 21st , 2016 one of the most memorable dates.

In the Breezy World of Travel Massive :)

With bells on, I accessorised my mind to indulge into the most awaited event, but as I reached the venue, something hit me! My ears captured some familiarly unfamiliar sounds! What was it...? 

In the first instance, I realised that the session began its proceedings in the Swedish tone! And with a long sigh I wondered, I don’t even stand anywhere next to the “S” of the language! Ha-ha... Yes, I am learning the language... Yes, I keep hearing it around the neighbourhood, in the trams, at the grocery stores, and everywhere across the city... but hey it will take its own sweet time to perfectly hook up into a serious talk!

Had I got any clue about the communicating language, I’d probably have not travelled that far from home. Well, that very moment I just felt like “hoppa i galen tunna”... I questioned myself, “Did I make a wrong choice by coming here?” “No” came the answer from within!

Sometimes, a stack of sudden events are plotted by the universe to make us have a beautiful experience! And a happy-go-lucky being like me always seek such plots!

Isn’t it wonderful to enjoy a gathering only with the language of smile! Isn’t it fulfilling just to feel the high energies of the speakers without understanding the vocabulary! Doesn’t it suffice to see the demonstrated visuals with the language of love? Indeed... and hence I stayed there just to sink in the positive atmosphere with the feeling of strange sense of joy!

The two-hour event started with the notes of the key speaker Tomas Grönqvist (an expert bike consultant in Sweden), and slowly unfolded with meaningful video demonstrations. 

Tomas Grönqvist at Bonne Mécanique | Travel Massive

Fellow bloggers and Enthusiasts Listening to Tomas Grönqvist

Jimmy Östholm, Founder of Vélosophy Cycles AB

At the end, when I got a chance to interact with Fredrik Widén (Director of Marketing and Communications) and Jimmy Östholm, (Founder, Vélosophy Cycles AB), I grasped more sense of things and expressed my gratitude to both of them.

Tomas Grönqvist, Fredrik Widén and Jimmy Östholm (L to R)

So, here’s all the scoop up that I could derive and explore about the buzzing Travel Massive at Bonne Mécanique.

Vélosophy – Re-surging Your Comfort and Velocity...

Vélosophy- The Swedish Bike Brand

It was all about Vélosophy, which is a Swedish bike brand in vogue that boosts up the willingness of the existing riders while encouraging the non-riders to take up biking. The reason that sees a constant hike in bike riders across Europe, especially in Sweden, is that biking is not only a fashion facade but a lot more when it comes to living life.

From explorations over breath taking terrains to daily commuting; from enjoying cheerful city sight-seeing to providing delivery services; from keeping a fitness regime to participating in a bike race... The concept of active holidaying on bikes and leisure-biking is catching upon like anything in Europe, and Vélosophy’s long lasting efficient performance promises to bring you an array of endearing moments.

“Vélosophy” is the only bike company in the entire world that is associated with a noble humanitarian gesture “One for One”. For each bike sold, one bike is donated to a young school girl in Ghana to support them to progress in life, to give them hope and freedom to dream. At Vélosophy, they believe, it is highly essential to uplift women of a developing nation in order to see more noticeable accomplishments in the country.

UNICEF and World Bicycle Relief are the generous co-operating partners that make this promise of Vélosophy stand firm. And this is what truly builds Vélosophy’s brand value as it focuses on the profitability factor along with the social aid... they certainly make a difference in the world!

The marketing team constantly promotes Vélosophy in Sweden with their official showroom rooted at Stockholm and two other retail stores habituated at Gothenburg and Malmö; as well as in France with retail centre in Paris. 

With intention to scatter their operations world-wide (recently in Asia), Vélosophy believes that approximately 80 million bikes are required in the current world scenario to create a difference.

At present, Vélosophy comes in two marvellous models:

Sports Edition weighing 12.3 Kgs
Vélosophy Sports Edition | Image Source:

Comfort Edition weighing 12.8 Kgs
Vélosophy Comfort Edition | Image Source:

Yellow, blue, orange, purple, green - the bikes exude the charm of Tulip colours to give you a merry-making feel. The super sturdy aluminium-framed structure is crafted in a poised way that gives it a conventional appeal yet making it look attractively trendy. The overall design of the bikes – luggage carrier, handlebars, saddles, wheels, etc. is company’s own creation, co-created along with Olof Dimdag.

Priced at 8800 SEK, when you plan to buy a Vélosophy (either through retail or online), you don’t just buy a plain bike but a companion for life that ensures you receive all the goodness. Not forgetting to mention the countless blessings of the Ghanaian school girl who receives a bike in gift because of your humble gesture. And yes, by doing so, you do make a difference in the world!

[PS: You can even complement your bike with high-end accessories purchased at the Vélosophy online store. For more details about Vélosophy, visit the brand website.]

Vélosophy can be used for real estate purpose as well; for example, for your hotel guests; for your tenants; or even for your office employees.

Bonne Mécanique – All about Your Bike and You...

Bonne Mécanique : Host venue for Travel Massive Meetup

I heard a lot about bike-café shops but frankly addressing, this was my first encounter with such a hub. Bonne Mécanique or Bon Meq is a tremendous set-up initiated by 5 bike enthusiasts – Anna Erlandson, Magnus McPheat, Åke Henriksson, Jimmy Östholm and Fredrik Persson.

With focus on spending refreshing time with like-minded people amidst the cool 
environment of delectable delicacies, Stockholm's first and only bike-depot is the one-stop solution for all your bike requirements!

Café Kitchen at Bonne Mécanique

Be it servicing, clothing, accessories, gadgets or anything, your concerns and queries find the best answers within time. Booking for bike servicing can be done online and the best part is that you can collect your bike on the same day itself!

Hanging Bike Adds to the Decor at Bonne Mécanique

Apart from dealing in Vélosophy, the age long experienced founders ensure that the shop stocks up the finest products serving all what you need for your bike. Their selectively arranged options of brands enables you choose from the most reliable and long lasting items to buy – T-shirts, shoes, helmets, chains, lights, pumps, lubrication oils, etc.

Serviceman Setting Inventories at Bonne Mécanique
Image Source: 
Bonne Mécanique Instagram Tags

The lively joint also offers finest range of coffee, snacks and soups to satiate your taste buds. Drop in here any time and the dishes will rapidly recharge you. They have vegetarian options as well. There is also a provision of availing a membership and you can even register yourself for a bike servicing course. Doesn't all this sound wonderful!

Delicacies at Bonne Mécanique
Image Source: Bonne Mécanique Instagram Tags

[PS: "Bonne" means "good" in French... and Bon Meq is proving their mechanic mettle by serving you in a seriously good way. For more details about Bonne Mécanique, visit the brand website.]

The evening left me astonished in a lot many ways! The humble initiative “One for One” is a real thought-provoking act which is still hovering over my mind and hence I gladly shared about it with all my readers. :)

Thank you Travel Massive! Next time, hopefully I’d have learnt some proportion of Swedish language! :)

Associating your life with a good going bike is indeed an adventure in itself. The musings of Vélosophy reminds me of the amazing story of a guy who builds up his dream machine on two wheels: It's All About the Bike:The Pursuit of Happiness on Two Wheels!

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