You Are The Real Stars - A Tribute To All The Cancer Survivors

On the occasion of World Cancer Day (February 4th), this special composition is a tribute to all the Cancer survivors world-wide who have met darkness in their story of life; and in that darkness who have discovered their own light... who have discovered that they are the Stars!

A Quote To Remind You of Your Strength:
Darkness Surrounded Me, I Realised I am a Star

My heart deeply salutes you all;
As you lead your way to cherish the rainbow after the rainfall...

Continue to keep your heads high;
You are the real STARS shining brightly in the vast dark sky...

Continue to believe 100% in your pursuit;
Your spirit is the source of magical strength bearing the success fruit...

You are the chosen ones... special and magnanimous;
You are the true brave hearts, real heartthrobs and fabulous...

You demonstrate the true meaning of perseverance and courage;
You are the true champions who know how to win the battle around the edge...

You’ve come so far, so bright so strong;
Let the drums of your success roll high for long...

Let the world know your incredible powers of Phoenix;
I salute you once again for composing a phenomenal song with exceptional lyrics...

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Dear Readers, if you know any brave soul who is dealing with Cancer, may I please ask for your kind gesture to share my poetry and quote with them to make them realise that they truly are the "Real Stars".


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