My Journey of Self Realization and Life Transformational Inner Engineering by Shree Sadhguru

In this post, I am glad to share my journey of self realization, and my perspective of the life transformational ancient practices of Inner Engineering.

This is my 18th year of Spiritual awakening…! I had always been attracted to the mystical powers of the universe and the metaphysical elements after a big life transforming incident when I was 10. I was fortunate to be gifted second life on Earth! :)

Ever since my consciousness wandered to see the realms of truth, light, wisdom and enlightenment, my curiosity led me to a wonder trip to Goa where I experienced the beauty of my own self! It was 18 years ago that I was touched by the light of my spirit. It was the first time that I stayed away from my family for a stretch of ten long days! This vacation with my school friends was absolutely fun-loving, but there was something beyond fun!

It was the identification of myself more than who I think I was… identification of myself more than my relationships, more than my culture, more than my social status of a ‘student’, more than my body… In the freedom of being a wanderer among the wilderness of nature and the beaches, I felt the sensation of my inner being – I heard the whispers of my inner voice telling me – now that you have recognized yourself, the path ahead is beautiful!

Since then my thirst for wisdom and enlightenment has been expanding! All these years I have come across wonderful spiritual masters and insightful Yoga gurus; learnt a lot through holistic programs; and gained immersive knowledge upon the subjects of Universal Laws, Quantum Physics, Cognitive Science, Human psychology, Esoterism, Tantra, Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Qigong, Feng Shui, Vaastu Shastra, Numerology, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Natural therapies like Color, Water, Sound, Light, Aroma, etc. and my journey for exploring the “magic of life” is still on!

I have been effortlessly floating towards everything that flames my curiosity for the “mystery” of my deeper self.

That’s how I stumbled upon the Art of Living Foundation and pursued their basic course in early 2012 at the headquarters, in Karnataka, India. The USP of this course is Sudershan Kriya (an ancient Yogic breathing practice that was performed by the supreme Shree Krishna himself).

I strived to continue my practice but somehow could not! However, the learning itself marked a deep impact!

The same year I learnt about the amusing healing meditation technique from the Pyramid Valley Meditation Centre (Karnataka, India).The USP of this meditation is a simple yet peculiar breathing pattern. Fortunately, I am lucky enough to have practiced this technique each day till date! This is because of its simplicity and the fact that it can be performed at any place, no matter where you are – home, public transport, party, meeting, etc.

You can read more about the Pyramid Valley meditation technique here!

By now, I absolutely believe in the fact that it is the quality of our energy (positive or negative/ high or low) that attracts the type of people, events and opportunities into our life!
And that’s exactly how I came across the heart-warming, divine enlightened being Shree Sadhguru in early 2016. My keen interest in quotes about life, wisdom, spirituality, etc. guided my way to access Isha's wisdom.

Not only Sadhguru’s words touched my spirit but cleared all the mind fog instantly! Each cell in my body resonated with Sadhguru’s philosophies and teachings, and I fell in love with his spirit. :)

That’s why I decided to pursue the Inner Engineering course, and the Universe gifted me the chance this year in March. Though one doesn’t need any prior knowledge, practice or belief before joining IE, but in my case somewhere I felt that my previous teachings were forming a beautiful base to grasp the IE lessons! I am not comparing IE with any of my previous learning but I seriously find a deep connect among all of them.

IE’s 4-day program was extremely nourishing for the mind, body and spirit. It deeply cleansed us (the participants) at all the levels – emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.
Personally, I saw myself gaining more hold upon my potential, rising at another level of transformation, diving a little more deep to rediscover the reality of my true self! Though the impact of this enlightenment cannot be explained in words as the benefits are numerous! Hence, I am highlighting the topmost precious qualities that you can imbibe with the Inner Engineering.

Gain Deeper Perspective about Life – Connect to the Higher Self

Those who are touched by Shree Sadhguru’s words are fortunate as they know how magically His words enhance our psyche! When we perceive them, we get to know the true meaning of life and our existence in its entirety! Gaining deeper perspective means realising that we are more than just this template of physical body – we are that metaphysical aspect which is always radiating with exuberance each moment… the light that fills our heart up with the joy of being alive, gratitude for everything that we possess, and curiosity to learn new things and grow in each dimension in life!

Once we feel this exuberance, we are connected to our higher self – the supreme energy that is holding our form of life as of now in our current moment; that is guiding and protecting our state of being alive!

Once we have this realization, there is no looking back! We discover a new self, an awakened being… who sees all the dots as connected, who sees from the eyes of the universe, who experiences self presence in every other being.

Inner Engineering has true potential to guide one to this state of consciousness. I feel blessed to have such an experience of pure bliss!

Achieve the State of Calm Mind, Strengthened Body, and Liberated Soul

Inner Engineering’s endeavor is to bring calmness to our mind, strength to our body and liberation to our soul so that we realize our real worth and true nature. I was spell bound to observe the subtle changes in my system in the beginning during the 4 days of the IE course as we consumed home cooked raw vegan food, performed Yogic practices each day, listened to the enlightened words by Sadhguru, and spent time in serenity.

Presently, it has been 6 months that the IE practices have become a part of my regime, and honestly it feels heavenly!

Understand and Direct the Thought Process

As above, so below; As within, so without! This is not just a phrase but real time universal rule! The vibrations of our mind float in the form of positive or negative energy in the Universe. Whatever is inside our mind highly impacts our outside world - our actions, relationships, health, finance and almost everything in our life! Hence, it is essential to observe and reflect upon our inner thought patterns – the ones that serve and uplift us; and those that drain us!

Constant practice of Inner Engineering gifts one with the acumen of identifying and understanding the thought process! It becomes very evident that rather than being a prisoner to negative thoughts, we can actually practice to direct our thinking and weave patterns of positive thoughts and thereby create positive vibrations!

From some years, I have been constantly experiencing the beautiful fact, “The purpose of meditation is not to control our thoughts, but not to be controlled by any thought!”

Develop and Prepare the Physical Body to Sense, Gain and Sustain High Energy

This can be well described with the analogy of hardware-software compatibility! To access a high-end software, we must have a compatible high-end hardware device over which the software can be successfully installed!

Similarly, to sense, gain and sustain the high vibrational healing energy which is like the high-end software, it is required that we have a well functional hardware of a healthy body. It is only when we start practicing the subtle body movements as taught in Yoga, we learn to sense our energies, and we learn to transform them into their lighter and brighter version.

As we practice Yoga-Dhyaan-Saadhna each day, as taught in Inner Engineering; eat sentient foods; and incorporate other important Yogi lifestyle changes; slowly and gradually we get better in developing a physical body that is well-compatible with the magical, life-transformational and healing high energy!

Accomplish More in Given Time with High Quality Life Energy

We live on Earth, not on Mars! We’ve only got 24 hours to live one day!

At times, we can go hemmed-and-hawed while planning our crucial stuff! Here comes a quintessential observation – “We cannot increase our time, but we can definitely upgrade the quality of our energy to accomplish more in given time!”

And, how do we do that?

By managing our life energies – transforming them from gross to subtle, such that they make us life-sensitive in a way that we bloom with the fragrance of our existence every moment! Once we gain this kind of life-sensitivity, we naturally learn to be compassionate for all including our own self; we learn to respect the time and energy of all including our own self!

We realize the importance of our transient stay on Earth, and that to make this limited time beautiful and meaningful, we must focus only on the priority tasks and people, letting go of everything else!

Once this realization sheaths our psyche, the quality of our life energy can become phenomenally magical, making us execute all our priorities perfectly on time with great attention, affection and enthusiasm!

And such magic can be effectively initiated by regularly following the disciplined practice of Inner Engineering.

Discover Soul Friends

What happens when we find someone who belongs to our tribe, someone whose values and beliefs are same as ours, someone whose perspective is similar to ours, someone with whom we can have a heart-touching, soul-stirring conversation about almost anything... and that anything is deeply substantial! Well, then we can claim to have an unforgettable “Aha” time!

I have been totally enjoying this charm of being around such beings who vibrate at the same frequency as I do! We love interacting about our break-downs, break-throughs, revelations, feelings, epiphanies, universal laws, cosmic energies, crystals, healing therapies, space, stars, spiritual books, ayurveda, yogi foods, yoga asanas, tantra, different meditation styles, guiding and enlightening each other, and much more deep stuff while exchanging high vibes and having meaningful conversations!

And suddenly I realize that we all depict being mirror for one another, reflecting our own qualities and beliefs! We understand that each entity on Earth is a form of pure energy called “Spirit” and has manifested for a temporary time. Therefore, we all truly value wellness of humanity as a whole beyond any background, nationality, gender, color, caste or culture! That’s why we feel that we are “soul friends” and “light workers”! :)

Ever since I have delved deeper into the path of spirituality (truly owe to Sadhguru and Isha), I have been attracting all such beautiful souls in my life who share the same purpose as mine! And it’s a pleasantly indescribable feeling! :)

Needless to mention other benefits that come along the journey of being a regular practitioner of the ancient Shaambhavi Mahamudra taught in Inner Engineering! It is like finding a treasure box of well being - good health (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual), balanced state of mind, sharp intuitive powers, elated energy levels, courage to face the odds, and confidence to be yourself.

It is my deepest wish that each human in today’s world must seek the desire to know thyself! It is my deepest wish that each human gains the wisdom and learn the secrets of the ancient wellness techniques as mentored in the Inner Engineering practice.

All glory to Shree Sadhguru – an epitome of truth, love and enlightenment! :)


* Author of this post reserves rights for the compiled content being an original concept. Be mindful to give credit for using this blog post or the picture quote elsewhere! Please do not copy without permission. ©Jyotika Rajput

* This post is purely based on the author’s experience of self realization and "Inner Engineering" learnt by Shree Sadhguru's Isha instructors. The purpose of this inspirational post is to share the virtues of the life transforming ancient practice; and spread awareness about it! :)


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