When You Know You Are Right, Nothing Can Be Wrong!

It is said that “Childhood” is the “Best” time in a person’s Life… it is not always “True” though! Through this article, I convey heartfelt thanks to my loving mom, and thank you dad, for the gift of miseries which have made me strong!

It's Me, Rockin' in Rock Garden, Chandigarh :)
Would like to share few instances about “My Carefree Attitude and My Dad’s “Hitler-Giri”! 

The Gone-By Years…

In childhood, if my dad asked me to sit; I would start jumping. If he asked me to sleep; I would wake up and irritate him! I was too young then. But in my growing years too, such awful was the chemistry with my dad that I had to frequently lie, simply because of the fact that he always used to refrain me from doing whatever I liked!

He never wanted me to dance, sing, party, or freak-out. I was never allowed to participate in extra-curricular activities in school, just for the reason that I was an average-grade student! He wanted me to be superbly intelligent. He always used to compare me with other Einstein-brains and never noticed my talent, my creativity!

Yet, in-spite of his attitude, I was carefree, daring, mischievous and I always used to do whatever I liked. I used to participate in all the dance competitions. My amazing hands-on playing Ping-Pong fetched me Zonal-Level laurels. I used to get A+ grade in fine arts, sketching, and poetry. And, I also used to get scolding for all this because of the fact that my score was a mere “60%”!

May be, he was not wrong! But this attitude ceased my prowess to emerge at a higher level. Whatever it was, fortunately, my mom has always been my saviour and my best friend!

With Mom :)

There have been some funny instances while some have been really melodramatic!

My brother and I used to imitate screams of cats and dogs to scare dad. We had crazy fun in making 100s of paper boats out of dad’s diary whenever it used to rain. The more, dad used to scold us, the more we used to annoy him. We used to literally spoil dad’s wardrobe… The list is endless!

With Bro :)
My Trip To Goa…

I can never forget the incident when I told my mom that I wish to go for trip to Goa from school. We both decided not to reveal about my trip to dad until the day of departure, 23rd Dec 2001.

The D-Day arrived. I had a plan for letting dad know about my trip finally! I woke up early in morning, nervous and scared, I went to dad and requested to drop me (along with my big suitcase) at my best friend Neha’s place. Somehow, I made him believe that it was Neha’s sister’s wedding and I would be staying at her place for 10 days! “What nonsense!”, he shouted! After a while of useless arguments, somehow, mom and I convinced dad. Believe me, it was a hard task! 

Excited and delighted, as it was my first trip from school with my besties: Neha and Manmeet, I could imagine the much-anticipated fun. The most dramatic moment of my life arrived when we reached Neha’s place, and unfortunately her dad revealed my dad the sheer truth that “we guys are going to Goa for 10 days for Fun!” 
Whoa…! Suddenly the surroundings became dreadful and I could hardly utter a word! Again, after a high-end argument session, finally things were settled and I was allowed to celebrate my dream trip!

My Besties: Neha and Manmeet :)

Gosh! Such were the miseries which made me tough!
There are numerous instances that remind me of my daring attitude.

My Wedding Bells…

One more highly dramatic and fiction-like incident is my “Marriage”! After huge fights and arguments, my mom and I struggled to convince my Hitler dad that the guy I selected is the perfect match for me! My dad could hardly believe the fact that her daughter is getting married in just one week.

Yes, “just one week”… imagine how would have been a marriage planned in such a short span! The reason for this mess was that, I got selected in IBM- Bangalore and the joining date was approaching. The culprit was the HR who did not postpone my joining date. Hence, we all had to plan the wedding in just a week’s time.

Arranged in a very haphazard manner, all my functions and customs were followed in a single day – on my wedding day, 15th May 2010, from morning till evening! Finally, at the end of my D-Day, I felt as victorious as MS Dhoni feels after winning a difficult match against Pakistan!

Surprisingly, post marriage, my dad’s attitude mellowed down a lot. I am really happy to note this “Big Better Change”. However, somewhere deep in my heart, I strongly feel that had he shown a little soft attitude few years ago, I would have definitely got a collection of more beautiful memories!

No regrets though… Special bonds are always honoured! :)

With Dad :)

After All, “Building Beautiful Relationships is Not About Finding the Similarities, 
it is All About Accepting the Differences…!”


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