Forbidden Emotions Arising Repulsively - Rise Above Them!

FEAR – I define it as 
"Forbidden Emotions Arising Repulsively"
~Jyotika Rajput Mehra

Folks, this is my true story - story of my FEAR and my VICTORY over it! I am sure my story will make you believe in yourself and #RiseAboveFear!

Almost 20 years ago…little pair of my eyes witnessed a strange Saturday… “Get ready baby! I have called all your friends at home. Play with them as much as you can! Also, I have made your favourite “Aloo paranthas”. You guys should have crazy fun today… It might take quite long to have this chance again! Your dad will be here around 6 pm and we will leave…!” said my mom. 

I saw the clock, it was around 12 noon. “The Day had arrived!” I mused! I was suffering, I was not well… “How did it happen? Why did it happen to me?” Pendulum of such thoughts again started oscillating! And suddenly, the doorbell rang… 

There came my lovely buddies and I warmly welcomed all. My friends found my behaviour little weird. Indeed, it was, I did not tease, mock or get wild. I was upset and lost! However, we played, had aloo paranthas and enjoyed! Time passed by and I noticed the clock striking 6:00; it was time for the fun to end! In a few minutes, dad came home and my friends left. None of them knew where was I going!

Even I didn't know much! All what I knew was that we were going to a hospital where doctors would cure me. Several weird thoughts occupied my mind – “What if I could never play!... What if I lose my memory!...” The biggest point of worry was – “What if I die!” Nervous and anxious, fear started capturing my senses. I became almost numb with just a mere thought of my non-existence! I tightly embraced my mother.

In an hour or so, we arrived at the place. After fifteen minutes of waiting, I was admitted in there. By this time, I had already started missing my sweet home! After all, it was the first time I had ever gone out for such a sad stay!

In a while, a nurse brought in my dinner. I crawled up in the bed. Mom looked at me with wet eyes, she came closer and said, “Today let me feed you each bite.” Strange gesture…I thought! I am a big girl now! It was some time ago that she used to do it! All this while, dad kept humming my favourite songs, so that I do not feel the absence of the idiot box. Bizarre behaviours! I never experienced such compassionate gesture... especially from my dad. Usually, he remained strict with me. It was surprising for me to see such a change!

Suddenly, my younger brother who was sitting just beside, softly asked, “Mom, Dad, why we all are here? When will “Di” be back home and play with me?” In a quivering voice, mom replied “very soon my dear, very soon!” She couldn’t stop and burst into tears…! Dad kissed my forehead and left the room.

For a while fear had deserted my heart off all the emotions. I too started sobbing and wondering – “what could be the next!” Mom held me in her arms and asked me to remember her preaching. She had always made me believe in God and his miracles. I had learnt from her a beautiful belief “When God is present in our heart, there is no room for Fear! And if Fear enters our heart, we miss the presence of God!” Hence, the choice is ours – Whom/What we want to dwell in our heart - God or Fear! I decided to keep God in my heart!

Place God in Your Heart, Not Fear! 
That night could have been my last night in this world… The dawn saw the doctors calling me for the treatment. The specialists took a substantial amount of time to perform the complex task. Finally the news was out! God had blessed me with a second life. I was alive! I am alive! But, I saw the horrifying glimpse of death! By God's grace, I defeated Death! Yes, my unwavering faith in God gave me strength to face the spine chilling fear and believe in “Myself”.
Believe in Yourself
At that point of time, I was in oblivion of what had exactly happened during the treatment. I became aware of my critical conditions three years later and actually realised the miraculous powers of God!
Rise Above Fear
This was my turning point of life that made me rise above my fear! At a tender age, I realised the core essential thing - Our life is too precious and it is only once that we live it! Since then, I have evolved as a compassionate person, someone who lives life beyond regrets and worries, someone who is crazy about fun, someone who truly believes in love and miracles.

Life is Beautiful...
Just Believe in its Beauty...
My life is “God’s Gift” and I completely regard it! I really wonder, had I not been gifted this "Second Life", I may never have been able to value Life and my loved ones as much as I do it now! Cliche' but true, "Stop taking life for granted, value it… right now!"

I strongly believe that my life definitely has a noble purpose, and I have to fulfil it here on this Earth, otherwise definitely God would have invited me at his place that very day itself!

Indeed, Life is beautiful…Live it, Love it and Celebrate each moment! :)


* Author of this post reserves rights for the written content source being original work of art. Please do not copy without permission. ©Jyotika Rajput Mehra

* This post is purely based on the author’s feelings and perception, the purpose of which is to encourage the readers to always move on with faith and courage in difficult times. It is a gentle reminder for all to be fearless and have extreme faith in your thoughts and actions.