The Charm of Rustic Stubble!

It is said, “Our face is the reflection of our persona!” Well, to charm a girl, indeed it is!
So, for those alluring looks, not necessary that a guy has to be clean shaven; sometimes a simple bearded look creates the magic!

The Chocolate Looks vs. The Rustic Charm
My mind drives me back to the College days – a wonderful phase in each one’s life!
2007, 2nd year... By this time, we were a big bunch of people - a gang of hot chicks and cool dudes, doing all the frolicking fun and grabbing the lime light! We called ourselves – the “Scorchers”!

Being hot meant cheekily dressing up and oozing that oomph factor. Being cool was sporting an appealing hairdo and a chocolicious clean shaven look! Those were the days- days of fun, thrill, adventure and flirting...

Just Like Our College Dance Gang
It was January, and the annual fest was approaching in a month, i.e. Feb. We Scorchers were ready to participate in almost all the events - fashion show, dance, skit, mimicry, etc. but our hearts were captivated to grab only the “Fashion Show Trophy”!

Therefore, we decided to hire a choreographer! Yuhoooo... :) The excitement was growing on! Our choreographer, Jatin sketched a fantastic show theme “Guns & Roses”. He suggested the attire and made us learn the nitty-gritties including the aesthetic walk, style, expressions, etc.

We “girls” looked beautiful in red evening gowns and the guys looked classic in the typical cowboy attire - Hardee hats, fringed jackets and rugged jeans. In a week’s practice we topped our shot! But something was still bothering to Jatin – the facial looks of the boys! Without contemplating much, he ruled out the quintessential factor – “well-groomed stubble”.

“Wow, that was a nice idea!”, and we girls were more keen to watch out the new look of our guys! Gratefully we had 3 good weeks – a time enough to fine tune the desired looks. It was great to see the chocolate faces turned into the intense macho look exuding the rustic charm of “stubble”! And indeed our cowboys got the head-turner make-over with the Gillette shaving kit – a name you can trust upon!
The Gillette Shaving Kit 
It was extremely convenient for the guys to trim out extra hair and showcase that perfect stubble. The look certainly cajoled and charmed the girls and few of the on-stage couples actually turned into real life couples! The show was a sure shot hit, the “Stubble” did charm the audience, and the Scorchers bagged the “Dream trophy”!

We acknowledged our heartfelt thanks to our choreographer, Mr. Jatin. And of course, Gillette too holds the credit for such life-changing events!

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