Karva Chauth - Festival of Love and Faith...

Hello fellas, it’s been long that I’ve posted. The reason that kept me occupied was my recent move to Stockholm, Sweden with my hubby. Finding a house was a bit struggling but now that I am tuned to the daily dose of routine, it will be great to post about all the newness!

With this post, I wish to share my knowledge, belief and experience this year about Karva Chauth. :)

Sindoor, Mangalsutra, Earrings and Necklace...
Bindi, Kaajal, Bangles and Anklets...
Adorned in the jewels and embellishments to woo...
Sweetheart, I observe fasting with prayers just for you...
May you live long, healthy and trouble-free...
May all worldly pleasures bring you smile and glee...
Prosperity and your well being is all what I wish to see...
Oh my beloved, I love you utterly...
~Jyotika Rajput Mehra Poetic Composition

The history of this age old Hindu ritual when a married woman keeps fast for the longevity and well being of her beloved husband, derives its essence from the Mythological era. Celebrated as a major festival by married Indian women across the globe, the tradition engulfs this one day special occasion with its aura of love and faith, and is known as “Karva Chauth” a.k.a. KC as per the urban trends!

Karva Chauth - Festival of Love and Faith | Image Courtesy

Being an Indian and married from past 5 years, I have been excitedly dipping my senses in the colour of KC. But each year, by the time dusk wraps up this fancy drill, I am always left with one thought to ponder upon... Does remaining hungry for almost 16 hours in a day really escape our spouse from illness and increase the age?

Anyway, since counter-questioning the credibility of the not-so-logical trend will not lead to any substantial matter; hence I think I choose to believe the fact that this festival embarks on the quintessential element of “love” we women behold for our men. We love our men so much that we could forego anything for them, food being one of those “anythings”... :) Nod your head if you agree...  After all, beliefs do not necessarily hold a reason or logic!

Flashback Flicks...
PS: Below is a small documentary from a South Indian channel, Janam TV especially produced to highlight the remarkable "North Indian festival of Karvachauth", featuring my best friend Neha Chawla Arora, her sister and my mentor Dr. Ruchi Chawla Batra, and other members from her family too. It is a pleasure to see that people through out India and across the globe are curious to know about the trends of this beautiful festival.

Just as the Valentine’s Day holds significance in the western culture, I strongly believe that KC holds almost the same importance in our Indian culture. This is the time to embrace the togetherness between two souls, to cherish each other’s presence in life, to come closer and strengthen our bond such that it flourishes forever till eternity! 

This is actually a day to create memories and renew the promise of unconditional love. For all you men out there... isn’t it wonderful to know the fact that someone loves you so dearly that they can even forbid eating food and stay hungry for you the entire day!

KC is as interesting a day as it is a tradition! Couples who are not challenged by geographical distance must try to spend time together. Rather than indulging in materialistic gifts and letting the time slip-off in not-so-required get-togethers, this is one special day to present each other the gift of love... in each other's arms, beholding tight, caressing, admiring each other for who they are, going lost into each other's eyes... away from the worldly clamour! 

It may tickle your funny bone but I admit to have discovered this effervescent experience this year only. Being away from our family in India certainly saddens us at such great events but then life is all about unfolding new experiences.

This year, Stockholm was the host to our KC celebration. To tell you the truth, my KC went out really simple this time. Though there were many reasons that made me upset but my sweetheart cheered me up throughout the day. He did not let me regret over the fact that I could not bring any fancy Indian attire. I even could not get an opportunity to apply henna in hands.

Embraced by much of the baby-like pampering, my mood was all set to perform the KC prayers. I did it only with the available basics, without bothering much about the inadequacy of “pooja samagree” (essentials while worshipping God). Internet became my rescuer for performing the entire KC ceremony as I dedicatedly listened to the KC katha over YouTube. Indeed I missed my dear mom-in-law!

Gratefully, Moon was generous enough to peep out of the cloudy sky almost on time, letting me see its glance, without awaiting much.

The best part was the scrumptious dinner - Tomato Cheese Pizza with the Salsa-Nachos Combo prepared by my hubby darling especially for Me! Gossshhhh.... I just went “Oooh Laa Laaa” over his love-stuffed-gesture... :)
Home Cooked Pizza by Hubby Darling on KC Night... :)
Indeed, this year we missed the ostentatious delights, fancy-dressing, photo studio shoot, family get-together party and other fineries... but the most essential thing which graced our KC occasion was absolutely present there... “Moments of Love”!

Sometimes in rush of the hour, we often forget the essential things... There are two elements that carve out the beauty of Karva Chauth and suffice the tradition  – “Praying for each other's well-being” and needless to say “Valuing each other's love”! :)


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