5 Sensual Ideas for Love Birds – Happy Valentine’s Day 2016

With Valentine’s looping around, I feel like optimally sharing what’s just right for the occasion! Nope, I don’t wish to re-iterate the same old prose of gifting chocolates, flowers and candlelight dinner. They are indeed complementary! The intent of my post is to...

Let “you and your partner in crime” spice up the game of sweet sin...
Let the insanity rush through your blood, breath and skin...
A Sweet Composition Dedicated To My Beloved Hubby
Start your game with the 5 sensual steps of falling in love again. Welcome each other on-board to these 5 love zones possessing full Monty for Romance!

[PS: Before entering these love zones, it’ll be great if you decide in advance who shall make the first move! No worries, it can be impromptu as well.]

#1. Reveal the Magic of Your Fingers | Enter the Body-Massage Zone!

Reveal the Magic of Your Fingers | Image Courtesy

From years, the aromatic aphrodisiac foods and flowers are being used in the essential oils for massage. Be it the romantic floral notes of Rose, tangy hints of Neroli, fragrant hues of Sandalwood, woody scents of Ylang Ylang or oriental fumes of Patchouli, you are going to savour all the flavours!

Chose your pick and elaborate your feelings onto their skin as you leave the strokes of your fingers in sometimes gentle, sometimes robust manner. Mind that it has to be a reciprocated-favour lest the fun to fade away.

#2. Show Your Creativity | Enter the Body-Paint Zone!

Show Your Creativity | Image Courtesy

Ever wondered how it feels to use their body as your canvas! Come on, wake up the artist within! Post massage session, take a few minutes to locate interesting plots for your strategic art. 

Run your imagination wild and think of all those objects or signs that can be curiously drawn – silly, artsy, intriguing, funny, intellectual... You reserve the right of your choice. No matter how dull you’ve been in the arts education, the confidence of your partner will make you shine here!

#3. Click like Crazy | Enter the Crazy-Click Zone!

Click like Crazy | Image Courtesy

Tada! You’re about to click the Masterpiece you just painted! Indulge in the fun of creating life-time memories with a personal photo-shoot! Fancy how crazy it can get while snooping to capture that bunny with carrot you just drew next to their navel.

Warning: It may be hazardous to share these pictures in public! Behave like Adam and Eve and enjoy the pleasure of this episode in your own love silo. ;)

#4. Bloom Your Heart with Bath Bubbles | Enter the Love-Shower Zone!

Bloom Your Heart with Bath Bubbles | Image Courtesy

It’s time to embrace your lovey-dovey in the bath bubbles. Showcase your ability to pamper them sincerely from head-to-toe. They’re going to love it! Prep for arrangement in advance to escape any last minute regret. 

Set your mood with the fusion of flowers, aroma candles, music, and whatever your heart desires! After all, cuddling and snuggling in water has its own charm!

#5. Dress’em Up with Million Dollar Look | Enter the Wrap Up Zone!

Dress'em Up with Million Dollar Look | Image Courtesy

If you’re thinking this idea to be weird, then give it a cool thought again! No, you’re not sounding as an alec and it won’t make them look like your baby! Dressing up is quite as exciting as it gets while undressing. 

Decorate your darling in the best of attires and accessories in tune with the occasion. Covering them up in a gift you just bought will make them feel absolutely more splendid. Infuse in them the confidence that they’ve got the appeal of Miss/Mr. Universe!

Voila! You successfully passed through the 5 love zones, and now you’re ready to pep up the gracious occasion of Valentine’s Day. With countless options for celebration these days, you can go for any to mark the memoirs of your most cherished romantic days!

Thinking Out Loud - One of My Favourite Love Tracks!

You can always overwhelm your beloved through my love-popping ideas, if not on this day, be it any other fine day. If you reside in Scandinavia like me, do check out these romantic destinations to drool over!

Be it the special ways or simple gestures, what actually matters is to convey your message, express your love and dedicate time for that special someone in your life.

Love is certainly not restricted to one particular day or one particular person. Occasions like Valentine’s Day bring in the reason to dedicate time for your loved ones – be it your partner, spouse, best friends, parents or siblings. I believe February 14th to be as special as our birthday or anniversary! 

Happy Valentine’s Day 2016 to everybody out there... :)


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* This post is purely based on the author’s emotions, perception and expression of love; the purpose of which is to share some fun-loving ideas with the readers to celebrate the lovely occasion of Valentines.