A Tribute to the Cancer Survivors and 5 Best Healing Mechanisms

A composition especially dedicated to all the courageous Cancer Survivors world-wide... Hats Off to You Oh Brave Souls... You are Special... :)

Slowly and gradually you might have noticed the change…
A sense of creepiness might have permeated your skin…
Being fragile, raddled and bleak… it might have felt estranged…
But remember oh dear, never ever lose hope, you have to win…
I know its personal, but it’s not about you…
The unrelentless love of your loved ones is always there to make you mightier…
Never ever feel blue!

The blatant pain might have several times knocked you down…
Your tongue might have tasted the bitterness in heaps…
The Chemo might have made your soul drown…
But remember oh warrior, you possess the courage that never leaps…
I know its personal, but it’s not about you…
The spark of your spirit makes you radiate as an inspirer for millions…
May be you never knew!

The cruelty of stark times might have wrenched your confidence…
Your eyes might have witnessed some stern attitudes…
This chapter of your life might have made you acutely lament…
But remember oh true soul, your beauty can never be tarnished by anything shrewd…
I know its personal, but it’s not about you…
The will of your perception makes you a conqueror…
Don’t forget that the real you lies beneath your physical tableau!
~ Jyotika Rajput Mehra Poetry
Dear Survivor Stay Strong | Image Courtesy
Cancer... the word itself is so traumatic that it scares the hell out of us! This ghost has been haunting mankind since ever long, forking into our hearts and mind, challenging our abilities, debauching our emotions, leaving us with nothing but fear. However, the vindictive beast can never stand the true mightier powers of our “beliefs”.

Today, on the World Cancer Day (February 4th, 2016), I wish to share some surprising facts that will instil faith of cure in those who are suffering. 

The Smart Human Body

Ever wondered how blessed the human is to possess the ability to believe! We are the only living species that gains this miraculous element in the entire universe.

In the era of smart technology, the human has probably forgotten about his own super smart and highly efficiently designed body which functions with its naturally inbuilt sensors. These sensors work on the ethics of beliefs. Oops! Too few know about it!

5 Best Healing Mechanisms

Ignited by an urge to know about the self healing techniques, and inferred from the lessons of the very influential and sacred medicine practitioner, Dr. Lissa Rankin, I am pleased to share the 5 best healing mechanisms to prevent, combat, and cure any kind of ailment, be it the cruel Cancer or the dreadful AIDS.

[PS: New York Times Best selling author of Mind Over MedicineThe Fear Cure and The Anatomy of a CallingLissa Rankin is a luminary physician, constantly affianced in seeking remedies to heal people by merging the principles of 2 discrete worlds of Science and Spirituality. Her life-turning emotional and inspirational instances make the ground for her to explore the break-through findings. I convey my sincere regards for all her inspirational lessons and wish her very best in all the endeavours.]

Is there Scientific Proof We Can Heal Ourself?
By Dr. Lissa Rankin | A Must Watch!

#1. Positive Thoughts

Here's one of the popular quotes by Napolean Hill...

Napolean Hill Quotes | Image Courtesy
Incredible yet true! “Whatever the human mind believes, it is possible to achieve”! This is clearly a remarkable testimony to all the successful case studies in the history of medical science. There are proven records that manifest this fact.

At times when drugs also fail to affect, physicians use the placebo effect to cure their patients. The only factor that makes people recover magically from rancorous diseases is their ability to think positively, be affirmative and embed a strong belief system in their consciousness – “they are going to be alright” and “they are progressing towards wellness”.

Such is the power of the human brain that works wonders beyond our knowledge of comprehensibility.

It is imperative that you tame yourself to be positive. Supporters, please be equally or more optimistic.

#2. Love

Love Your Life... Live Your Life... | Image Courtesy

Our life starts with love and ends with love too! Love, being the elixir of life, turns impossibilities into possibilities. The paranormal powers of love bypass even the highest level of turbulence. 

You need to practice loving yourself and your body inspite of all the pain. You need to elevate your perceptions. Supporters, please show back the much desired affection and care.

[PS: Here's my real life experience of the "Power of Love".]

#3. Laughter

Laughter is the Best Medicine | Image Courtesy

Laughter is the best medicine”... a very apt quote! Do you know that the hormones of happiness are triggered instantly when you laugh, making you feel extremely light and enjoyable. Thwart away the depression with a dose of daily laughter. 

Supporters, you have a major role to play here. Please contribute! You can organize several types of laughter sessions such as watching hilarious movies, sharing jokes, starting a humorous conversation, and further so. Undoubtedly this will make a big difference!   

#4. Expressing Your Self

Express Yourself | Image Courtesy
Painting, singing, dancing, writing poems, gardening, cooking, etc. - what is the similarity among all these? Well, all these hold a means of self-expression. These are the subtle ways of sharing your emotions with the world. These small gestures broaden your horizons of artistic abilities and bring joy to heart. 

Explore your interest and engage yourself in whatever activities you love doing. Supporters, ensure you encourage and appreciate the talents.

#5. Connecting Spiritually

Establish Spiritual Connection with Cosmic Energies | Image Courtesy
Last but not the least, and the most effectively significant healer is the Spiritual Connection. At that point in life, where the physical body suffers, you must remember the truth – “Spirit is the Supreme”! 
Physical Body unites Mind, Body and Spirit | Image Courtesy

Human Body - Nature's Unique Creation

Nature’s biggest benevolence to man is the physical form of existence. It is not just a body encapsulating nerves, tissues and other organs; but a uniquely mystical eco-system uniting mind, body and spirit. 

Hence, it should be your best endeavour to understand that it is the body which is suffering, which is distinct from your real identity i.e. the spirit.

Yoga is Like Music | Image Courtesy

Healing mechanisms like Yoga and Meditation make one analyse the truth, amplify the positive energy inside the body, and build a connection with the higher powers. 
Meditation is the Medication | Image Courtesy
Surveys reveal that connection with the higher powers (also known as cosmic powers) sends positive signals to the body. Consequence is the awakening of the higher self, i.e. the spirit. A unique strength is induced in the body making it recover from any kind of illness.

What Makes You Actually Healthy?

When it comes to health, it is not only limited to healthy food, exercise and sleep but surprisingly there are many other underlying factors that primarily influence the health of a person. 

Lissa Rankin’s enlightening research has proven that people who well maintained the deck of following factors transformed their lives, turning sickness into wellness. Lissa calls the higher inner self as the “inner pilot light”. It is here from where our ability to believe affirmatively is derived.  

A healthy physical body is a result of:
  • Healthy relationships
  • Healthy professional life
  • Positive thought process
  • Ability to express yourself through creativity
  • Healthy sex life
  • Spiritual connection
  • Healthy environment/climate
Let us envision a Cancer-free World, let us wish to eradicate the devils of all the horrifying diseases from our planet. Let us all believe that "We Can" and let us make it possible!


* Author of this post reserves rights for the written content source being an original concept. Please do not copy without permission. Be mindful to give credit if you refer this blog post anywhere. ©Jyotika Rajput Mehra

* This post is purely based on the author’s perception, ideologies and personal opinions as influenced by the lessons from Dr. Lissa Rankin, the purpose of which is to encourage and inspire those dealing with Cancer as well as those who are playing the role of care taker.

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