Doctor Strange Offers 8 Life Lessons For A Great New Year Start

Another master piece from Marvel Comics, Doctor Strange is a perfect superhero fiction that keeps the potential to deliver the message – “reinforce your powers with faith in self.”

The admirers of the movie would definitely agree that Doctor Strange is not just a depiction of superpowers in motion but a galaxy of lucid emotions, wonderful star cast, award winning visual effects and most significantly the awe-inspiring life lessons that I am highly pleased to share in this post. I am a fan of Marvel Studios but this is the first time ever that reflection of my thoughts has been so prolific ever since I watched this flick!

Doctor Strange - Movie Poster
Grab these marvellous life lessons as I map the real world principles with the brilliant reel work of Scott Derrickson (the director) and Benedict Cumberbatch (the pivotal character as Dr. Stephen Strange).

#1. Do Not Lose Focus Of The Present Moment

A single second of defocused attention in the midst of a demanding action can demand heaps of ugly and undesirable moments of your life. That tiny lapse of time is enough to deactivate your sensory organs making you numb to track anything. It is better to be vigilant of the distracting pop-ups in that moment than to enter a self-disrupting state later!

Reference From Movie: Stephen Meets Accident

Stephen tries to multi-task the act of driving and taking a phone call not realising his soaring velocity. This blunder ends up in a life-threatening accident reducing him to piteous dysfunctional hands.

#2. Honour Your Blessed Talents Before They Are Gone

Money is the real honey in the world of Snobs! Isn’t it! Some blessed experts get entirely blinded by the dazzle of name and fame. They fail to remember that it is just a part of the total reward earned for serving the world. Whenever this besotted trait creeps over you, remind yourself to respect the profoundness of your gifted passion lest the nature seizes it back.

Reference From Movie: Stephen – The Snobbish Neurosurgeon

The unfortunate fatal mishap leads Stephen to realise his physical inability to hold anything. This unbelievably shocks him to the core! He desires to gain his lost prowess at any cost. To relieve his frenzied life, he begins his journey to find a cure to revive the nerve damage in his fingers.

#3. Wisdom Lies In Acknowledging The Existence Of The Unknown

In first place, accept the fact that you do not know everything! Accept that you are ready to relearn! Accept that all what you know does not suffice to achieve your purpose! Accept that you are ready to welcome the truth and enter the realms of the unknown! Once you accept all this, you unlock massive potential to explore the vast possibilities uncovering the solution. It is only when you do not know something, then you begin to learn that.

Reference From Movie: Order From The Master

Guided by the master, Stephen is told, “Forget everything that You Think You Know”! Initially, it gets difficult for his logical mind to agree with the existence of the dimensions beyond our 3-D physical world, but then a sudden encounter with the astral plane aligns him to tame his senses. Once he prepares himself for acknowledging his hunger to know the mystical universal powers, he succeeds in knowing deeper realities.

#4. Real Power Lies In Surrendering

The one who surrenders, rules! This universal truth is known only by those brave souls who challenge to shut the voice of their silly “ego”. Surrendering doesn’t mean giving your power away but exercising it in its true nature. Ironically, too few know about this reality! Surrendering your ego results in the magical practice of aligning your “thoughts, words and actions” effortlessly. This is the real beauty of your real power!

Reference From Movie: Order From The Master

After learning the truth of “surrendering”, Stephen is completely startled by this fact! His perplexity highlights the general standard perception. As he closely observes the powers of his masters, his confusion instantaneously transforms into confidence. He receives the wisdom to empower his mind, body and spirit as he orchestrates his thoughts, words and actions.

#5. Learn To Live Above Your Negatives

From the womb of darkness, light is born; and the absence of light once again reveals the existence of darkness. The experience of “Pleasure” is only possible because of the existence of “Pain”. Experiencing adversity is as much significant as experiencing success! This is the Universal Law of Polarity. When you understand this law and learn to balance, you succeed in working towards your life’s purpose. It is then when neither the “Positive” can impact you with egomania nor the “Negative” can affect you with unworthiness!

Reference From Movie: Wise Words From The Master

Stephen’s endeavour of learning the truth and practicing the right way is mired by one doubt – “How To Wipe Your Negatives?” to which he receives the answer – “You Don’t Wipe Out Your Negatives, You Learn To Live Above Them!” Stephen comprehends this law, wears the armour of courage and becomes a balanced being focussing rightfully on his purpose.

#6. Conquer Time With Consistency

Exact transition of thoughts and words into action is magical. But what makes that magic works forever is the continuity of that action. When you do a certain thing with unending determination, you empower your mind, body and spirit with super power of winning over time. In literal terms, you develop strength to live your dreams and stand out as a winner!

Reference From Movie:  The Awe-Inspiring Climax

Stephen creates a mind blowing timeless trap for destroying the destructive force of the dark dimension. He uses the power of consistency to reverse time with an illusion of appearing each time after being crushed to death by the devil Dormammu. Stephen’s relentless efforts of practicing mind control makes him nullify the event of his demise. Agitated by the infinite loop, Dormammu gives up on his ill intention towards Stephen and hence Stephen succeeds in his mission to save planet Earth.

# 7. No One Has Ever Achieved Victory All Alone

Our world lies within each other. With a fair balance of demand and supply, nature always strikes perfect balance by placing you with the right kind of people in a right atmosphere with right amount of resources. It may never feel right in the beginning, and at times you may even face turbulence! But, as you overcome that “unwanted” phase, you are able to sight the complete picture; an unknown instinct wraps your heart with a strange feeling – a strength never ever felt before! This happens each time you “Evolve”. 

But the ones who make it really possible are your “mentors”, “supporters”, “friends” and even your “enemies”. You believe it or not YOU NEED ALL OF THEM to bring out the BEST in you!

Reference From Movie:  People In Stephen’s Life Who Strengthen Him

Christine (The Lover) – Her love and faith strengthens Stephen emotionally
The Ancient One (The Mentor) – She teaches Stephen the mystic arts to unleash his hidden powers
Mordo and Wong (Supporters/Friends) – They constantly guide and support Stephen in his quest to fulfil his purpose
Kaecilius (The Threat) – He makes Stephen exercise his powers to the fullest (thus strengthening him in disguise)

# 8. Give Attention To Those Little Details

So you are just rightly focussed on your goal, and then out of blue, a gush of wind diverges you from your path! You feel inexplicable and lost! Well, there’s always a cosmic reason... that’s always on purpose! Life situations are not like crystals; they are like ice-bergs that eventually get showed up in their real avatar. 

Whenever you are pulled-down, there’s surely a universal cause that wants you to have the 360 degree perspective. And once you gain the absolute insight, you are well prepared to accomplish a greater goal by fulfilling a purpose at a higher level of existence.

Reference From Movie:  Series Of Instances In Stephen’s Story

When Stephen met that unfortunate casualty, he never ever thought in his wildest dreams that he could become the super power and save planet Earth from other dimensions’ destructive forces. As the series of events started unfolding in Stephen’s life, astonishing revelations began strengthening his identity. Stephen’s keenness to know, study, practice and implement his knowledge into action highlights the significance of “attention to details”. From his most horrifying life’s experience was born his mystical mighty powers.

Life is Like the Game of Treasure Hunt

Which “Doctor Strange” life lesson impacts you the most? 
What life principles do you follow to keep up your high spirit? 
I would love to know your perception too. 
Please share your wisdom in the comments below.

New Year 2017 is waiting to be thrilled by your awesomeness... 
Hope it gets as fantastic as YOU are! 
Cheers... :) 


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