Success Principles and Practices - A Book of 100 Compelling Virtues by Keith Johnson

Discover the Treasure of Eternal Virtues...

A treasure of eternal virtues lies within you;
Unbox them all right now in this lifetime;
Discover your goodness before you finally bid adieu...

Be generous and use each one;
As each mysterious gem promises to embellish you;
Discover the shine of your own sun...  

Be observant of each gem’s unique colossal gleam;
As each virtue runs effervescently in your blood;
Discover the miracle that makes you meet your dream...

Be blessed for the wonder that you are;
As each gem of virtue reveals the secret of success;
Discover the symphony of life that propels you to be a star...
~Jyotika Rajput Mehra Poetry

Be Virtuous ©Jyotika Rajput Mehra Quotes

I am very pleased to share with you what inspired these words to flow out of my heart – “Success: Principles and Practices”, a revelation of 100 quintessential virtues by Keith Johnson in 2016.

[PS: Keith Charles Johnson is a remarkable author who is admired for his excellent published work in the United States and abroad. His genre of writing involves self-motivation, business, language, and technology. Keith is an experienced Buddhist practitioner who believes in the miracle of mantra meditation. His work in the domain of information technology is worth notable as he carries 25 years of hands-on experience with labels of Senior Technical Writer and Software Trainer attached to his accredited acclaims. Here is all the published work by Keith.]

It is a sheer delight to sip in the goodness of “Success: Principles and Practices”. It is not just a book but a brilliant embodiment of mindfulness that promises to make you propel towards your dreams. As you read through the meticulous compilation of 100 charismatic virtues, you are inspired to realise your own impeccable nature.
My most favourite quote from Keith’s reservoir of virtues is:

Wisdom is your secure journey into the world of true and lasting success.”

Keith’s work lucidly portrays 100 empowering ways to discover your own true power of “being human”. “Success: Principles and Practices” is a straight presentation convincing that “with constant practice of the mentioned gems of virtues, it is only YOU who truly holds the absolute potential to:

* Align your own actions with your ambitions,
* Walk on the trajectory of your dreams, and
* Design the desired life that you wish to live

So, what are you waiting for? 
Discover your shine today with Keith’s “Success: Principles and Practices”. Get your copy right now at Amazon.

What virtues impact you the most in your life?

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