Level up Your Innovation with Anna Jois

“Know that you are incredible...
Believe in your journey of blossoming into a full bloomed flower!
Know that you are indelible...
Believe in the potential of your will power!”  | Poetry & Photography by Jyotika

“Imagine some fields… imagine you are there walking in these fields… as the fields end, there’s a road stretching towards a slope… This slope ends up at a house… the house has a very peculiar gate… you are standing in front of that gate and wondering about the architecture and the design… wondering who lives there…!”

So this is how Anna began the exciting talk session…!

In this post, I share about another rendezvous adding up to my “Inspire Your Soul” series.

[PS: Anna Jois is the founder of profitsuperstar.se, an innovation company that helps business owners, entrepreneurs, experts, lecturers, and consultants to reach newer heights. When I asked Anna, why she selected the given name for her company, she said, “Level up” refers to “taking action” and “Innovation” refers to “creativity”. We help our clients to level up their game, their ideas and Innovation!] :)

Anna then asked few people to narrate their imaginary trip to the fields. She asked how their experience was! Someone said it was scary, mysterious and uncomforting – the unknown fields, the slope, the peculiar gate, the house, everything...!
While Anna received a different response from someone else – they said it was comforting and beautiful…! Well, my experience of this activity was enjoyable too!

Here’s what I imagined…

“I am in the middle of sunflower fields embracing the fragrance and freshness all around… cherishing the glowing sunshine! Then as I pass by the fields, I witness a rainbow coloured slope whose sides are ornamented with Tulips. The slope drops me at a magnificent house with a huge Lotus shaped gate. I am absolutely spellbound at this sight, wondering who lives inside the mesmerising abode!” :)

Back to Anna’s activity…

The conclusion was: Moral differs with people’s perceptions!

“We all have different perceptions! We all think differently! The imagination plot was same for all but yet somebody witnessed disconcerting stuff while someone beheld amazing sights!”

Isn’t it interesting to observe this difference! The difference that builds our contrasting world of s & blacks, heights & depths, happiness & sadness…! Contrast is what adds variety to life…! Contrast is what defines the path towards our purpose of life! Without contrast everything would just simmer and melt into insipid monochrome!

Thankfully it’s not! :)

Then Anna shared four strategies to level up your prowess. Here they are...


Specify what exactly you aim for! What is it that you are looking for? Think about the details; describe them; create a journal.

2. WHY

When you understand the “What”; the next thing to clarify is the “Why”!

“Why” is the reason behind your “What”! Ask yourself why I need what I need! Why should I go in that direction? Why should I do what I intend to do! When you raise such questions in your mind, you definitely come across all the answers!


After understanding the “What” and the “Why”; the next essential element to know is the zone of “Obstacles” – the barriers that stop you from acting upon your “What”! The hard fact is that obstacles will always be there, no matter what you choose to do! The thing that you have to do is - accept the existence of the challenge. Once accepted, you will then begin to find ways to break the barriers and rise above the challenges.

Write down all your obstacles; create a list of your fears that stop you from achieving your goal! “Stay with your challenges and face them one by one! You need to jump when you know you cannot fly!”

Anna told she loves the Nike commercial because of its awe-inspiring tagline – “Just Do It”! :)


And the last strategy is to take your decision and follow your plan!

Anna cited an instance from her life. A friend asked her to sing at her company party. She wanted to send her invoice but Anna refused as she didn’t own a brand that time. This incident touched her deeply, and she decided to start her own company.

As the talk proceeded… Anna added more enthusiasm with some deep thoughts! :)


If you had 100 billion SEK in your account, what would you do in your life?

No, I am not asking where you would spend your money! But what would you do with all your time when you have that huge money? Imagine and write down your answers.

After we were done with our answers, Anna raising the following questions and asked us to do a quick review of our answers.

Is there anything that you can do today? Is it possible to do at least one thing from your listed activities? If yes, then turn that possibility into reality by following my four given strategies! Begin your work from today and level up your life!



Ever wondered how special this number is! This is the time gifted to each being every single day. These are the number of seconds we receive every 24 hours!

It is essential to notice how many seconds we consume in fruitful things and how many we waste into useless stuff!

Ironically, this is what happens for most of the people...

90% of their time is spent on non-essential activities – gossiping, complaining, criticizing what is missing, not valuing what is available; and merely 10% on beneficial things, building progressive ideas, etc.

And sadly they don’t even focus on this “10% of goodness”, thus entering the negative zone of doubts, fears and worries!

Now if you flip this scenario and imagine if the reverse could be true…

If you spend 90% of your time on productive activities – all the progressive things, great ideas about the possibilities, the available resources, the things that are going well for you, etc.!
And then spend 10% of your time on any x, y, z stuff... or on things that are merely matter!

Now, as you focus on your problems, you’ll notice that instead of wasting your time and energy in becoming impatient or complaining; you’ll be calm, looking for the solutions! You’ll be focusing on how you can fix things, and if they cannot be fixed, then you’ll gain wisdom to ignore what’s not working and move to the next set of issues!

Did you feel the difference – this reverse way of time investment brings happiness and satisfaction in your life!


After time and money, let’s talk about your energy! :)

The way you address people (at home, at work, in society, etc.), the way you greet them is really very essential. A smile attracts many smiles! Same is the case with frowns! Whatever energy you send to people, it just bounces back! That’s the universal law – “What goes around, comes around!” Thus, you must be mindful of what energy you are sending out!

Greeting a person can be classified as level 1 to 5. 1 being an intimate greeting shared among people who are too close to you, and 5 being a very basic one with just an informal hello! So, keep your energies high wherever you go and whoever you meet, it’s surely going to surround you back!

Self Management

“Good” days bring comfort and happiness, while “Bad” days bring wisdom and strength! And it really matters how you treat yourself during your bad phase! True that we all tend to enjoy the pleasantness of life and when pain comes we run away from it with fear and judgement!

We all have had bad freaking days but during the tough time, it is more important to become calm and make generous efforts to incline the mind towards positive thoughts. Observe the thoughts popping up in your head. Understand the nature of thoughts – they are always random, they are not permanent! A bad thought can always be altered and transformed into a good one! Do not react as reaction often is the game spoiler! Reaction triggers emotions! Do not allow emotions that are associated with your thoughts to run you wild! Keep your calm and take time in building your response! That’s the best way to manage your own self!

Anna shared she loves dancing each morning as wakes up, this is how she keeps away bad thoughts!

Time Management

Surveys have clearly observed that most of the time of an average adult goes in:

1.     Sleeping
2.     Job hours (including travelling)
3.     Eating
4.     Screen time (apps, TV, online games, social media, etc.)

We cannot save time from the first three, but we can definitely do it by abandoning the screen time! Anna shared her experience how she saved 5 hours each day when she stopped active usage of Facebook!

It is really important to analyse how you can devote your time each day in those important tasks and activities to progress towards your goals! And screen time is your biggest ENEMY!

Stop watching TV, limit yourself only to those apps or videos that serve your purpose of achieving your goals in life!

Q & A

Q. How to choose things wisely so that you can make your plan to get to your goal?

A. I’ll share my story! You know I always wanted to sing... but honestly I had no idea about where to sing! And if you see the career of singers – there are not many opportunities to make money in this area! There’s one in a million who
actually enjoys the stardom!

So I picked one thing out of my list of must-liveable things! And I kept changing it gradually… It took me years of struggles and deep driven thoughts to reach the place where I am, and yes it gives me opportunity to sing too!

It doesn’t matter how fast you are moving! It’s enough that at least you are moving... no matter how fast or slow! What needs to be chosen wisely is the path where you are heading!  Whatever you do in life, it always teaches you something! But the point is that you must do it... only then you’ll learn it!

Q. How to teach people about something? How to be sure that this “something” is our best deliverable?

A. What is the smallest thing that you could start with…! Make that smallest spot as the initiation point for your goal! See, it’s a chain! You need to do it every day… EVERY SINGLE DAY to excel at it…! That’s it!

Just learn it every day… give it time every day… grow with it; understand it; practice it; align with it… visualize that it is taking you to the place where you want to be! Realise the potential of one small act… doing it regularly with sincerity each and every day definitely makes it grow big one day!

Revive your mindset frequently! If you do not start it deep, it is going to be superficial! You need to learn to fail! That’s the only way to learn how to succeed! Elon Musk said, “If you are not failing then you are definitely not innovating! You are captured in the safe zone!”

And whatever objective you dream of… ensure it is people oriented! Have genuine intention and interest to bring goodness to people in any way that you can think of! Share your values with them, teach them what they can do to empower themselves and be happy! But this is also true that you cannot coach a person who doesn’t want to be coached! So first create that desire to learn in them, and then recognize those are willing to learn!

Q. How you help people to show them what they want to see?

A. I often tell people that where they are right now, there must be at least one thing that they can begin with. For example, Entrepreneurs are always driven but they often forget about the benefits they are already having and rather focus on building something else very rapidly! This leads to frustration that makes them quit! You should not forget to count what you already have! Innovation may be about a new idea but it always begins with the existing thing at hand.

Q. How do you instantly face the fears?

A. It’s the mindset! Just throw yourself into the world and see what happens! I’ll share my story...when I was 12, I was very shy and afraid of singing loud because of my meek voice! But, slowly I practiced and overcame that challenge!

A fear is nothing but an area where you have not yet developed! So once you identify what is it that scares you; you gain an opportunity to develop in that area! Isn’t that interesting! :)

Do you know that “Excitement” and “Fear” gestate the same hormone and generate the same chemical reaction in our bodies!

Have guts to fly high in the world and do the unknown! Remember to remind yourself often - No matter what, you are going to do it! It’s not necessary to know how you will do it, just trust yourself that you will! Even if you fail, don’t forget that there are many more chances to succeed.

A tip is to lower the bar to feel less or no fear – lower your expectations to succeed! And then do your act! Do it without any expectation but with passion, do it because you love doing it!

And at the end, we had a lovely selfie... :)

Jyotika Rajput Mehra and Anna Jois
With Anna Jois - Level Up Innovation Talk Show

I am sure you must be feeling the zest by now! :)

Don’t miss your chance to meet Anna , and feel the difference in levelling up your innovation!


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