Align to Your True Self with SAVERS

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful dove… flying high… soaring across the gentle breeze of the sky! Though he loved his flying gig but unlike others in his community, he used to get tired soon! No, he wasn’t old but an indolent creature! He desired for a life of leisure and fun, where he wouldn’t have to hunt for food every day, and could be fed by someone!

One day he sighted a pig farm! His curiosity pulled him closer… as he flew down and perched on a nearby fence to enjoy the view, his eyes spotted a cute little pig resting in the bright sunshine!

And it was that very moment when his heart started blooming with the fragrance of love! “Oh! I am melting with the joy of ecstasy!”, he blushed! “Yay! I guess I’ve found the love of my life!”, he whispered in sheer excitement!

He instantly decided to stay with the pig! All this while the thoughts of his old, boring, exhaustive life faded away. He approached the pig and confessed his love! The pig surprisingly accepted his proposal and they started living together!

All was going well for the pig and the dove until one day when the farm owner noticed the beautiful bird in his farm! The poor dove did his best to escape, he ran and perspired… he hid everywhere…but all his attempts failed! He met a sudden realization that he had lost the strength of his wings… that he could only hop but not fly! Alas! He was caught!
The pig felt terribly bad but couldn’t do anything to rescue his love! In a few days, they both were sent to the slaughter house!


“When we drift apart from our true self, we get lost!
At times, that may prove to be detrimental & life-threatening”! :(

Had the Dove recognized his true self that he didn’t belong to the land but the open sky… Had he believed that his strength lied in his wings, had he believed that the efforts to hunt one’s own food for survival makes one responsible... had he believe all of this then he wouldn’t have got carried away, he wouldn’t have lost his life!

Unfortunately, the dove forgot who he really was! He got deviated and forgot his special gift of flying by staying in the comfort zone with the pig, and not using his wings!

Here’s what this story spins out…

It is essential to make generous attempts to recognise our true selves before it is too late! Only then can we escape the silly deviations in our lives!

The challenge is: To get notified during deviations! But, who is going to guide us?

The reality is: “We” are our own saviours! “We” are our own mentors!

The issue is: Our brain is like a kite floating in the boundless sky without any string, getting carried away by the desires of wind!

The solution is: We need to tie a string to our minds and navigate it gently towards a favourable direction whenever it gets deviated!

But, the question is: How to achieve the solution?

And the Answer is: By training our brain constantly. :)

It is not denied that it wouldn’t be difficult initially, however once we begin training our brain each and every day, our mind starts listening to the intelligence of our instincts that is far more superior and wise! Consequently, this will develop habits that will never let us deviate!

We all are creatures of habits, whatever habits we practice consistently; we make them a part of our individuality.

The most essential habit is to be aware of our own true nature and trust the strength of our confidence! This is the core habit that derives further mindful habits. It is the one that allows us to identify and follow the path most suitable to live our dreams!

But the point comes back to – “How to set up this core habit? How to train our brain?

After much mind boggling on this subject last year, I found the answer!

Summers were beginning to cease but I was still looking for a solution that would ease the tensed time I was going through! Weeks later, my efforts made me come across the wonder book, called “THE MIRACLE MORNING”! I believe it to be the divine grace of the Universe that sent its blessings in my way!

This book mentions about a wonder technique discovered by the genius Hal Elrod, called “SAVERS”. It is the gateway to mindfulness that lets us navigate our lives in the most favourable direction using our best potential.
The Miracle Morning :)
(PS: Hal, who almost died at the age of 20, was told by the doctors that he would never be able to walk again! But sometime later, not only did he walk but also participated in 52-mile ultra-marathon. Read about Hal here.)

SAVERS is an acronym for 6 wonder habits that fills one with all the goodness! It is recommended to dedicate minimum one minute for each of the following each and every morning! Continuous practice for 30 days really brings astonishing results!

(PS: I had already been tuned to some of the activities when I first learnt about this book! But, actively incorporating SAVERS into my daily schedule really scaled up my confidence and self-introspection level, bringing over-all well-being and happiness.)

S – Silence

Speech is Silver but Silence is Golden! This proverb is super effective when one wants to listen to the inner stories of the heart and mind. Stroll around or just sit with eyes closed, do it all in silence.  Early morning silence also triggers tremendous health benefits bringing peace and calmness which relaxes our state of mind. And a relaxed mind is the source of creating mindfulness and happiness.

A – Affirmations

World knows about affirmations these days! Positive thoughts when repeated continuously in mind or speech generate a powerful impact on our sub-conscious mind which is the seat of intuition. Daily morning affirmations about the goals that we wish to fulfil prove to bring positive results in our actions.

V – Visualization

Visualization is a technique where we witness the fruit of our success in our imagination. This makes us believe that we have the potential to accomplish our goals. A warmth of our joy captivates our mind and body! Visualization is not merely an imagination or illusion but a reminder that triggers us to take considerate actions for turning our dreams into reality.

E – Exercise

The goodness derived from exercise is more than rewarding, especially if done in mornings! It’s as simple as that – our body needs movement to stay healthy. Exercising is a single most effective and natural way of increasing our dopamine level which is responsible for our general happiness and pleasantness. Low levels of dopamine often result in fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, food cravings, and restlessness, to name a few!

R – Reading

The way our physical body needs exercise to stay fit, so does our mind require some stimulation to stay young and active! If one loves music, it’s good to read Mozart; if someone’s goals is entrepreneurship, they must read Steve Jobs and Elon Musk! Whatever may be the interest, reading the luminaries that add value to life always proves to be beneficial!

S – Scribing

Each day our mind attracts approximately 60,000 thoughts! Some of them may be purposeless but others might come out to be dream-fulfilling! Hence, Hal recommends transporting our thoughts into words, especially in the morning hour. This not only helps us to clear the mind fog but create our thought journal to let us reveal our innermost secrets– what a fantastic way of self-introspection!

There’s something very special about mornings! Each morning blesses us with a fresh life to rewire ourselves and make the most of each moment of the day! What makes our mornings super special is what we do in our very first hour of waking up!
Begin with only 6 minutes of SAVERS in your fresh first hour each day, and later when you start loving your miracle mornings, upscale your time for each habit!

I have been a night lover but despite that, SAVERS truly glorified my life and left a deep impact!

I wish you all be touched by SAVERS and invite miracles in life! :)

Don’t Forget
You’ve Got Wings to Fly…
Yes, You’re Meant to Touch the Sky!

Don’t Forget
The Strength You’ve Got,
Despite the Challenges that Come Across…

Don’t Forget
You are Unique,
Yes, You’re Meant to Rise & be Glorified!
As Long As You Are Aware of Your True Self,
You’re Meant to Create Miracles…
You’re Meant to Soar & Fly High!
Yes, You’re Meant to Touch the Sky!

I would love to know your feedback and experience! Do share in the comments below! :)


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* This post is purely based on the author’s perception based on the book “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod. The purpose of this inspirational post is to share the goodness of the life transforming habits highlighted in the wonder book; and spread the awareness that it is essential to align ourselves with our true nature to lead a fulfilling life! :)